Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddy's Princess

Happy Saturday All,

I don't normally post on the weekend, but there's a couple of things to mention...

Before I get started on today's topic, Meb Bryant, the author of Harbinger Of Evil (Amazon Kindle ...also available in print at Amazon  and available on Barnes & Noble Nook) has put out a new one called Monster Spray available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Now, let me explain the title of today's post:

Father's Day is on Sunday, so I thought I'd take the time to devote this post to my father and to all of us who want to pay tribute to our dads.

My father has always been one of my biggest supporters. He's the one who took me to the park and taught me how to ride a two-wheel bicycle without training wheels. He tutored me in Geometry my Sophomore year when I was struggling to understand what a Theorem was and how in the world all this pertained to real life.

I may have passed up 21 years ago, but Dad still calls me "princess". It doesn't matter I'm a married woman and a mother, I'm still his princess. In fact, all my sisters and I are his princesses.

These days Dad is still a hero of mine. He's a wonderful grandfather, an counselor, guide, and support. He still loves my mother dearly and he has a great relationship with all his sons-in-law.

My hope is that one day our own offspring will have as many wonderful memories of my husband as a father as I do of my own father.

So Happy Father's Day To All!


Meb Bryant said...

Bethany, Thank you for mentioning my "babies". I'd like to pay tribute to my daddy who's no longer with us. One of my favorite memories of him was riding a merry-go-round when the carnival came to town. It must have gotten chilly during the evening because we offered to give me his Navy flight jacket. It smelled of Old Spice. I miss my daddy.

Bethany said...


Awww, may your father rest in the arms of Jesus forever.

My Dad wears Brute Aftershave. Everytime I smell it it brings back childhood memories.

No problem mentioning your releases. I wish you the best. Thank you for dropping by and sharing about your father--that's a wonderful memory :-)

Bethany said...

Loretta was once again having trouble posting on this blog, so she emailed me her post asking that I put her comment on here. You can be sure I got on my blog's case for its treatment to Loretta. Anyway, here's Loretta's comment:

"I enjoyed your post Bethany...lovely that you still have your father with you...and that you are and always will be a Princess in his eyes:)

My father has passed, but I have memories of walks to the drugstore down the street, sitting on bar stools at the counter and ordering hotdogs and malts:) I hope your day with your father tomorrow is delightful:)

Now, to that wild woman, Meb;)...I'm in the middle of Harbinger of Evil...relishing being in Louisiana throughout the pages...picking up new little tidbits I didn't know...

I read Monster Spray a couple of months ago ( I love sneak previews:)...and found it "just right". It was no Goldilocks story...but it didn't cross any lines...as a matter of fact, I found the whole thing very satisfying:)Love it when a really bad guy gets his just desserts:)"

Bethany said...


So sorry you're STILL having trouble posting on here. But thank you for dropping by. May your father's soul rest in the arms of Jesus forever. It sounds like you and your Dad used to have fun! I think it's wonderful when fathers and children can have those special bonds and adventures together. Have a wonderful weekend and sounds like "Monster Spray" is a fun read :-)