Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Books, Movies, & Winners YAY!

Posted by Bethany at June 07, 2011
Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Instead of my usual The Nanny watching while I write this, I'm watching reruns of What I Like About You. Yes, I'm very delighted reruns are a part of cable networking.  

Congratulations goes out to yesterday's winners of the Plum Crazy Janet Evanovich Giveaway--Kerrelyn, Tess, Barbie, Jeff and Stacey. Congratulations you all!

Exciting stuff is coming up here. Friday is an author interview! No, I'm not telling you who the author is, you're just going to have show up on Friday.

I finally finished reading Lady Of Quality by Georgette Heyer and it's fun, funny, and a good read. I recommend it!

Over the weekend I saw Gnomeo & Juliet. (It's brand new release on DVD & Blu Ray).  Very cute! It's basically a retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, but it's adorable and has a happy ending. Anyway, I recommend it if you're trying to choose a movie.

So what new movie have you seen?

Have A Tip-Top Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

We don't go to the movies much, my husband and I usually wait for the DVD's,so much more convenient,(so much less money and more comfort!), but we DID go see the newest Pirates of the Carribean, even though he hated the idea of 3D.My grown niece talked him into it , though, because SHE had hated the idea of seeing it in 3D, but then loved it,(as did he). I thought it was good, since I like the whole series, but it will never replace the first as the best. I am looing for the time to see 'Gnomeo', as everyone around me thought it was very cute.
I am awaiting Harry Potter, although it is bittersweet to see it end all end.

Bethany on Tuesday, 07 June, 2011 said...


I haven't gotten into "Harry Potter" but I know several people who like the books and movies. Enjoy "Gnomeo & Juliet" when you see it. It is cute. Thank you for dropping by :-)


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