Friday, June 24, 2011

New Design!

Hey Everybody,

I'm trying a new design out. I like the background, I don't know if the header works, but after trying other colors out for header it's what I found works best. Every now and again I like to try something new just to see how I like it and how others respond.

Hopefully it's not too big a shock.

Have A Great Day :-)


Anonymous said...

I like it.


Bethany said...

Thanks Kathy. I do, too :-)

Bethany said...

P.S. I was going to use a white rose (since that's on my business cards), but I didn't like the one they had available, and since I didn't have one on hand, I went with the red roses :-)

jeff7salter said...

I like the background, but the header looks shaky ... like it was written by someone very old. I don't think that was what you were going for.

Bethany said...


LOL I'll have to see if I can find another font. Actually this font looks a little Gothic/old style to me which is what I was going for because of SURREAL being a fantasy romance (with paranormal elements). But maybe I can find a better font. I'll play around and see what I can come up with. Thank you for your comments--glad you like the background. Roses are my favorite flower and red roses symbolize love and passion--very fitting for an author like me--romance, fantasy and paranormal. Thank you for dropping by :-)

Bethany said...

I've changed the font on the headers, and I think it works better. Thank you, Jeff, for the heads up :-)