Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot Summer Cool Fall Releases

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Riverboat Ride in Frankenmuth, Michigan

It's June! Which means, it's Summer time. School's out. There's heat, humidity, vacations...and there some Summer-y type feeling novels being released and some Summer releases coming out:

Jennifer Bray-Weber Blood And Treasure (a romance novel with pirates. Being out on the ocean--what's more summery than that?) (This one is already out).

Christie Craig's Don't Mess With Texas (August 2011) If any place knows summertime weather, it's definitely Texas (as a Texan I can speak from experience). (You can actually find this one on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites already).

Lesley Livingston has a new novel coming out July 2011, Once Every Never (I haven't even seen this on Amazon or Barnes & Noble websites, yet).

Of course this isn't to say that Summer is the only time for exciting new releases. Fall will be on the heels of Summer and bring with it...

Kerrelyn Sparks will be revealing Gregori's story in Sexiest Vampire Alive coming September 27, 2011. (Squeal! I'm very excited about this one).

Fountain in Frankenmuth, Michigan

Rick Riordan will be bringing out the sequel to his Heroes Of Olympus series (sequel series to the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series). Come October 4, 2011 Percy will be back...in The Son Of Neptune (but wait, you thought it was Poseidon...well, we're dealing with the Roman side of the Olympians now...and they are more violent and aggressive than their Greek side). You can get a sneak peek here (the first chapter).  He's got an Egyptian series out (the first 2 books have been released). I haven't finished reading the first one, but I can tell you what I did read was very exciting and engrossing.

And I can hardly wait for C.C. Hunter's next ShadowFalls book,  Awake At Dawn, to come out in October 2011.

What Summer and Fall releases are you looking forward to?

Have A Whimsical Wednesday!

*note:  Photos (except for the heart picture) are from a vacation I took a couple or so years ago.  Frankenmuth, Michigan is a great little German town that has wonderful food (I recommend eating at the Frankenmuth Brewery--http://www.frankenmuthbrewery.com/index.aspx ), the biggest Christmas store I ever seen (Bronner's--http://www.bronners.com/   I'm not sure where you'd find a wider selection of tree ornaments). It's lots of fun for young and not-quite-so-young-but-young-at-heart. (NOTE: My computer won't let me "highlight" words right now so I'm unable to directly link you, however if you copy and paste each link they will take you to the websites. I apologize for my computer's temperamental disposition and the inconvenience).


C.C. Hunter said...

Look like I have a lot of reading to do!


KerrelynSparks said...

Hi Bethany! Great pics from your vacation. It sure looks cooler there than here in Texas! So hot here, all you want to do is stay in the house and read!!!

Suzan Harden said...

Bethany, I can't believe you didn't include my book, Blood Magick, since it's official release date is today.

(And yes, I'm shamelessly plugging.)

You're not the only one waiting on Rick Riordan. GK, who claims to despise reading anything I suggest, has already requested the next Heroes of Olympus book.

Bethany said...


I apologize! I didn't know the official release date was today, I thought it had already come out (maybe I misread your email). I don't mind if you come on here and shamelessly plug yourself. That's half the reason I put up this post.

The first "Heroes Of Olympus" book is really good...characters from the "Percy Jackson" series make appearances, as well as brand-new ones. I read the first one and have been impatiently waiting for the next LOL October has always been one of my favorite months (my birthday had something to do with that but also it's generally cooler out here in Texas by then).

Thanks for dropping by, Suzan...and everyone...Suzan Harden has her paranormal E-book, "Blood Magick" out on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook :-)

Bethany said...


You and me both LOL. Thank you for dropping by. Always good to see/"see" you :-)

Bethany said...


It can actually get pretty warm up in Michigan, but generally the evenings are much cooler. I can remember Julys and Augusts going up there and needing a sweatshirt in the evenings! I love visiting Michigan. I got a whole bunch of relatives up there and one of my aunt and uncle own a lakehouse where we often have family reunions, boat rides, swimming, singing. I don't have any relatives in Frankenmuth, but it's not far from where some of my relatives live. I highly recommend Frankenmuth...I wanna go back one day. Thanks for dropping by :-)

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by the Heroes of Olympus. I am eagerly awaiting the release of Janet Evanovich's 'Smokin' Seventeen'- the latest Stephanie Plum novel
Nice pix!

Bethany said...


Thanks for dropping by! Have you read the "Percy Jackson" series? That lays the groundwork for the "Heroes Of Olympus". I have a sister who loves Janet Evanovich--I've never read her, but I've heard very good things about her writing. Thank you about the pictures...I think my husband took most of them (but I might've taken the fountain one) :-)