Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You're Just In Time For A News Flash...

Happy Wednesday All,

First of all, right now out of physical books I'm reading Firelight by Sophie Jordan. I just started, but it looks good. (Apparently it's been optioned for a movie, here's the article by Variety). On my E-Reader I've started reading Nina Cordoba's Not Dreaming Of You.

My friend, Loretta Wheeler has just put out a short story available on Kindle and Nook. It looks really good (I plan on getting and reading it, believe me). She told me the god, Pan is involved. It's entitled, The Pan Man. That sparked my interest (I love Greek/Roman Mythology. My hopeless romantic side has read several versions of Cupid & Psyche).

Tess St. John (my marvelous CP) is working on getting her novels ready for release, so don't put away those Kindles and Nooks anytime soon! You won't want to miss out on her work.

Oh and Kerrelyn Sparks fans...September is only 5 months away...then we finally get to see Gregori's story! (He's my favorite Vamp out of her series).

If you like vampires, take a peek at Robin Badillo's work. She's got 2 series available on Kindle.

So what are you reading now?

Have A Wondrous Wednesday!


Loretta said...

Hi, Bethany!:) ALL of the books sound good, and I recognize a few names in here also:) There's nothing quite as exciting as seeing people you know personally with a new release...it's nice being in the "company of friends" especially when those friends are fellow writers.
Thank you for adding my name to the list:)


Bethany said...


Thank you for dropping by. Sorry to hear about you having trouble posting on here before. Sometimes it happens--I really have no idea why (I've looked into it, and I'll let my readers know if I find out anything). Happy writing :-)