Friday, April 29, 2011

Guess What!

Posted by Bethany at April 29, 2011
Happy Friday All,

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. At night I've been going to bed instead of posting. Last night I had some sort of allergy reaction to something (not sure WHAT triggered it, yet) and I had shortness of breath. I'm doing better today (thank you humidifier and Tylenol--and a very helpful doc whom was on call last night and called me back almost right away--I love my doctors' office, they are so awesome and I am NOT a fan of going to the doctor).

Anyway, it looks like next week (unless I'm told otherwise) will be the next Write By Bethany giveaway event. Yep, this is a big event...this time I'm giving away jewelry, made by someone I know (who I'll reveal her name and company next week--but it's really awesome and beautiful work).

Yours truly (meaning me) is sponsoring a necklace and earrings set representative of something one of my heroes would give one of my heroines. No, I'm not published yet, but this is how much I love this person's work, that I'm willing to sponsor a piece to giveaway. I've got some published authors who are sponsoring pieces and I'll be featuring a different one each day (I'll reveal which authors on their giveaway day).

This is quality jewelry, folks. It's all made by hand. This person puts in their love, time, and talent into each piece and it shows by how lovely it is. One most awesome thing about having this next week is that it's just before Mothers' Day, which is on May 8th (my wedding anniversary!)

Anyway, so far the plan is to have this give away next week. I'll be giving more details then.

For now, have a great weekend and...

Have A Fantastical Friday!


Tonette Joyce on Sunday, 01 May, 2011 said...

Cool, Bethany...I will be watching...Ihope that you are feeling better, as something hit me right in the stomach most of last week...more 'tummy ache' than anything.
I hope thatyou have a great Mother's Day and anniversary.

Bethany on Monday, 02 May, 2011 said...

Sorry I didn't comment earlier, Tonette. Last night I was fighting a headache and today my brain has been in several different directions LOL I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day as well and thank you for the anniversary wishes! I hope you're feeling much better :-)


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