Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pucker Up!

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Do you remember your first kiss? Was it awkward? Romantic? Early in life?

The first kiss (on the lips) I remember was senior year of high school.

It was very awkward. The second kiss I had when I was young I heard This Magic Moment playing in my head. Cheesy, I know, but I'm telling the absolute truth. I was 19 years old, so I'll blame it on being 19.

First kisses in books are usually so much more romantic and fun than in real life. But, they wouldn't be half so much fun to read if they weren't written the way they are.

So, what about you? What was your first kiss like?

Have A Tremendous Tuesday!


Tonette said...

Very awkward,Bethany!I was 16...
I went out with a friend of my sister and her husband; he was a bit older, but a nice fella. Actually,I was kind of set up by them and my mother,(and my Marine brother had just come back from Viet Nam...the guy was pretty intimidated, so it was a 'safe' date!)Believe it or not I had asked my family to leave the porch light on...and my father had turned it off! It was a quick kiss, nothing to write in a diary about...we only saw each other a couple of times.
Now, my first kiss with the man I married is another story! Under the mistle toe, after we had known each other for a couple of years...it was a real toe-curler and a life-changer... but here we are , married for 28 years.

Bethany said...


Awwww! The kiss with your husband sounds so romantic and novel worthy! I don't remember the first kiss with my husband to be honest. I think because back then I was so nervous and worried about another relationship ending in break up (and/or heartbreak) that for the most part it wasn't very romantic until New Year's Eve 2002. That's when we got back together (we had dated, broken up, remained friends, then got back together over the course of a year) March 3, 2003 we got engaged, then got married in 2004. May 8th marks 7 years for me and my husband and I look forward to many more. Congratulations on 28 years! That's beautiful

jeff7salter said...

My answer needs some clarification:
As a junior high kid, I went to several parties where we played 'spin the bottle' which involved a lot of kissing (yep, on the lips) with a lot of different girls.
But I don't think that counts.
So, my first 'date' kiss was when I was a H.S. Junior and I was dating a sophomore. It's embarrassing even to think about how clumsy I was. Suffice it to say that our lips met, but it was corny and embarrassing and I can't believe she ever went out with me again (but she did).
Second kiss was with a diff. girl (freshman in a diff. school), a week later and I had already improved significantly. LOL

Bethany said...


You Cassanova! LOL Just kidding. I think it's so sweet when guys admit to having been nervous or embarrassed around a girl. Glad you improved LOL :-)

Francine said...

I remember everything about my first date and first kiss with my hubby. We went to a hole in the wall Chinese place for dinner where we talked philosophy, psychology, economics, and well I freaked. The guy was a cute, sexy geek! Then we took a leasurely stroll along the water where he held my hand and told me silly stories about his life. Very endearing. That moment came where he looked into my eyes and softly gave me the sweetest, longest kiss. Wow! Yesterday was our aniversary, 29 years and he is still a great kisser!

Tonette said...

Bethany, we seem to have more and more in common! My Joeand I were off and on but more friends for most of the 6 years we knew each other before we married.During those years he was engaged to someone else...he had been in the seminary beofre we met...and went back ...TWICE afterward!I say that God had a harder job for him...ME!
We have really adorable stories today... good topic!

Melissa said...

Cute post! I was in kindergarten. I know, that's so young. Yikes! I remember we had the worst time trying to figure out which way to turn our head. LOL

TessStJohn said...


Mine was in 4th grade. We had a tornado or something come through because the lights were off. We had to hide under the desks, and we were all under this one huge desk and a boy kissed me. I was shocked, and wasn't happy about the kiss. I didn't like him that way.

Bethany said...


Awww! What a sweet story and congratulations on 29 years! That's awesome :-)

Bethany said...


Thank you! I've been enjoying reading the stories myself :-)

Bethany said...


My sisters tell me I kissed a guy on the lips in Pre-School, but I truly don't remember that. I remember I liked the guy, but I don't remember kissing him LOL

Bethany said...


LOL looks like the boy just couldn't pass up an opportunity. :-)