Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Mind Is Willing But The Body Isn't!

Happy Wednesday All,

Yesterday I woke up around 5:45 a.m. for the second or so time in the night. Why? I have no earthly idea. My offspring decided after hearing my husband's voice that it was time to get up. I stayed in bed. Then I found out husband was taking a sick day (turns out he has inflamation in his throat and is on an antibiotic and a thing to soothe his throat). My throat was dry and sore, but I figured based on previous experience--allergies!

So all day long I was tossing back water and hot tea. I discovered my throat does not like Ocean Spray's Cran-Raspberry Juice when it's sore (usually I love this juice, but apparently not when I have a sore throat). So I stuck with water and Apple Cinnamon Tea. The bathroom and I became very well acquainted thanks to all these liquids being forced down my throat with regularity.

The sad thing? I got a new Critique Partner and she sent me her manuscript. I hadn't the energy to sit at the computer and critique it. I sent her the first 8 chapters of my novel and by late evening she already had it back to me! Hopefully today I will feel up to getting a good start on it.

In fact, I took a little nap (not nearly long enough) and mostly laid around reading (aside from the frequent bathroom visits and getting more water and/or tea). I also got to remember why I like Hall's Fruit Breezer Cough Drops.

On a high note, I finished reading Jackson Pearce's Sisters Red. Not bad, but be prepared for very dark, mysterious novel if you choose to read it. I like her As You Wish YA novel best, myself. I found it extremely imaginative (hey, how often do you find a genie in novels these days??) But anyway, she's a good writer--imaginative and talented.

So, have you experienced days where you think you're gonna do one thing then your body decides "No way, jose, get thee to a bed right away!"?

Have A Wondrous Wednesday!


Tonette said...

I won't keep you up, but I want to tell you to fell better soon! (And your husband, too).
Thanks for the tip,I will try to get my hands on "As You Wish", as it sounds clever.
I hope your weather is good...we have had a week of bad storms headed our way but we have always been skirted,(so far). The 'Prayer Against Storms' seems to be working.
Take care of yourself.

Bethany said...


Don't want the storms, but we could use the rain. Weather's been warm. While you're in the YA section, pick up a copy of "Wondrous Strange" by Lesley Livingston (you might have to order it online...I've rarely seen it on the shelf at stores). It's really wonderful--absolutely love it. It's got everything--action, fantasy, Shakespeare, romance, suspense...you name it. It's fantastic. It's the first in a trilogy. Another really good YA is "Coffeehouse Angel" by Suzanne Selfors--it's a heart-warming book and fun. And of course, there's C.C. Hunter's "Born At Midnight" which is a different twist on fantasy and paranormal (but a good different twist, I think) it's definitely a good one--I'm looking forward to the sequel that comes out in October :-)