Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Historicals! What A Novel Idea

Happy Tuesday All,

Thank you so much for all the support for Tess St. John in yesterday's post. It was wonderful to see everyone backing her up. She rocks! Wednesday is her release and on that day I will be posting my review of her release, Second Chances.

Since this is the eve of the review and Tess's release, I thought I'd go along with the genre. Tess actually writes in more than one genre, but since Second Chances is a Historical Romance, I thought I'd go with that.

I haven't read a lot of Historical Romances...well, unless you count the 13 Georgette Heyer or the 14 Lynn Kurland novels I've read.

Georgette Heyer's Historical Romances are typically set in the Regency Era...complete with the ton and everything--fashion, dances, young girls being introduced into society and all that.

Here's a list of the Georgette Heyer books I've read (by the way, they've reprinted pretty much all of hers and some of her mysteries, too). (You can get her novels at Amazon or Barnes & Noble) I've read:

Sylvester, Or The Wicked Uncle
The Black Moth
These Old Shades
The Devil's Cub
The Toll-Gate
Friday's Child
The Grand Sophy
The Masqueraders
The Foundling

The Grand Sophy is probably my number one favorite. It's really funny and a fun story. Beauvallet is fun because it has pirates/privateers. These Old Shades is really good as well. Friday's Child I've read at least 3 times, if not more--I really like that one, too. I wasn't sure what I'd think of Sylvester at first, but it ended up making my top 5 Heyer novel favorites. 

Lynn Kurland's MacLeod/De Piaget novels also sort of writes historical, but hers tend to be more paranormal--time travel and ghosts--but with strong Historical elements (Knights and Scottish Clansmen--Medieval times...usually between the 1100-1300's). She also writes fantasy historical novels, but I haven't read those. A few of her MacLeod/De Piaget novels are contemporary, but not many.

Here's a list of Lynn Kurland novels I've read:

Stardust Of Yesterday
A Dance Through Time
The More I See You
From This Moment On
This Is All I Ask
Dreams Of Stardust
The Christmas Cat (anthology)
Opposites Attract (anthology)
Tapestry (anthology)
Another Chance To Dream
If I Had You
When I Fall In Love
Till There Was You
One Enchanted Evening
The Very Thought Of You
With Every Breath
A Garden In The Rain

You can see Lynn Kurland's complete bookshelf (including the fantasy book list) here from the bookshelf portion of her website. You can also get Lynn's books at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Several of Lynn's novellas that appeared in the Anthologies I mentioned have been reprinted into a full book on their own (it's called Love Came Just In Time). and some of them have been reprinted individually, as well.

Question for the day: Do you read Historicals or History books of any kind?

Also, remember: Wednesday I'll be posting my review of Tess St. John's Historical Romance, Second Chances.

Have A Timeless Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I will have to check out the authors and stories you mentioned, Bethany...I am a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens...I love historicals!!!!!!!!!

And I'd like to add my thanks for plugging me yesterday and thanks to all my friends who stopped by!!

Bethany said...


Hope you enjoy them...I'm still hoping Lynn Kurland writes Royce's story (he's Kendrick De Piaget's best friend). Glad you liked yesterday's post :-)

Tonette said...

OH, I missed yesterday , but I will certainly tune in tomorrow for the interview.
My husband, whose degree is in History, taught Social Studies for many years in small, Catholic academies, mostly 7-12 grades.We have shelves of historical novels by several authors on many levels: suitable for 12 yr olds; those more suitable for older teens and 'mature readers only'-type. Even the lightest ones have 'romance' in them,(most of those are read-between-the-lines').He could trick the kids into learning hstory whle entertaining or grabbing their interest. I read through them early on, everything from Louis De Wohl to Evelyn Waugh to some that we have just one or two of...a couple were really 'do-not-take-to- school-and-risk-a-kid-reading(!)-or else he'd have been out of a job...or landed in jail.However, I found them fascinating and a slice of real life.
I can't wait to 'meet' Tess through you tomorrow.

Bethany said...


It's not an interview...it's a review of Tess St. John's book, SECOND CHANCES. I do plan to interview her, but it won't be this month.

Thank you for dropping by...it's always fun to read your comments :-)

Tonette said...

OOPS! Sorry; I guess I was just axious, as you always do such a good job of interviewing...they are always fun to read.
It is always a pleasure to 'visit' with you in any way, Bethany.

Bethany said...


Thank you so much for your support, sweetie! Don't worry, I have more interviews scheduled