Thursday, April 7, 2011


Happy Thursday Everyone,

Wednesday evening I finished reading Firelight by Sophie Jordan, which center around a type of dragon.

Speaking of dragons, I've found out Ciara Gold just put out a new novel. Dragon King is now available on Kindle. (It's got a gorgeous cover, by the way).

Firelight was an interesting YA novel. It was based on the idea of Draki--a type of dragon shifter. They can shift into human shape (which they generally keep unless threatened or under the cover of night). Their main enemy are the hunters, who hunt them for their blood (which has incredible healing powers for humans), their ability to find jewels, and their skins. Jacinda comes face to face with a young hunter near her age one day when she's disobeying her pride when she "manifests" (as their shape shifting is called) into their dragon form and the hunters ambush them. The young hunter (whom she finds out is named Will) lets Jacinda go, but she never forgets him. 

Her mother is worried about the pride's plans for Jacinda--because she can breath fire (a rarity) they want to mate her with the Alpha's son, Cassian. Fleeing the pride, Jacinda's mother takes her and Tamra (Jacinda's twin sister) out of the protective mists right into the desert amid the humans. Hoping the desert will make Jacinda's draki disappear (the mother got hers to die when she stayed there and Tamra has never manifested), she figures Jacinda will be safe from the pride's plans and they can lead a "normal" life.

Jacinda finds out Will attends the high school she and Tamra are enrolled in. Sparks fly and there's an undeniable Romeo & Juliet type attraction between them.

Unfortunately, danger looms in the form of Will's cousin, Xander and Cassian's surprise appearance in the town. In order to save Will from Cassian, Jacinda manifests. Too bad it's right in front of Xander, which puts herself, Tamra, and her mother in danger.

This first book in the series is an imaginative ride, told in first person, present tense (which doesn't interfere with the story...that type of format means all the action is immediate--happening right at that moment). I'm looking forward to the next one, Vanish, which is due to release in September of this year. It'll be interesting to see what happens next.

Have A Tantalizing Thursday!


Nancy Kay Bowden said...

Sophie's book is on my TBR stack. First person present is not unusual for YA. It used to bother me, but now I'm writing first person present too!

Bethany said...


I've read one adult book that was written first person/present tense. I don't know if any other Romance authors write that way, but I did read the one (it was a paranormal romance entitled "Confessions Of A Werewolf Supermodel"). Thanks for dropping by here :-)

Ciara Gold said...

There are several romance authors that write first person. Done well, first person can really get you into the head of the main character. The first author I ever read that did the first person was Francine Rivers.

Bethany said...


Oh thank you for dropping by and letting me know. I honestly haven't read very many romance authors who wrote first person present tense. I'll have to look up Francine Rivers :-)