Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Take Another Chance

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Today is Tess St. John's release day! YAY! It's also my day to review said release, Second Chances. (By the way...you can purchase her book on Kindle / Nook--my computer started misbehaving, so for Nook click here: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/SECOND-CHANCES/Tess-St-John/e/2940012305152/?itm=1&USRI=tess+st+john / or Smashwords...and soon you can get Second Chances in print through Amazon).

Second Chances tells the story of Emma Easton, a not-yet-21 year old wife/care giver to the much older Harmon Easton, who is on his deathbed. When Harmon dies Emma fears her father will come and claim her...after all the estate wasn't left to Emma, but to Harmon's children and Emma is underage. By Regency rules, Emma is back under the guardianship (and control) of her father who has no love for her and until she is twenty-one she's at his mercy.

Knowing that Emma's father was a threat, Harmon's dying wish was for Emma to marry long-time friend, and young widower, Drake. However, after having lost his wife from complications while giving birth, Drake vowed never to marry again. He agrees to bring Emma to his house under the chaperonage of his mother and aunt to protect her from her father, but has no interest in marriage.

While waiting for the funeral and reading of the will, Drake and Emma's years of friendship and genuine rapport develops into something much more than just esteem. But will they be free to embrace this second chance at love, or will Emma's father put an end to their new found joy?

Tess has a way of weaving a story that you feel emotion for the characters--whether sympathy, hatred, or concern. She makes you care about her characters and their stories.

I look forward to all of Tess St. John's releases with excited anticipation. She's an author to keep an eye on--missing her adventures would mean missing great fun.

Have A Winsome Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful review!! Thanks so much, Bethany!!!! I so appreciate you!

Melissa said...

Yeah, Tess!!! Can't wait to read this one! Off to get my copy!! :)

Bethany said...


No problem! I appreciate you, too. We seem to have a mutual admiration society, which I really am grateful for--you're such an awesome person and a very talented writer :-)

Bethany said...


Thanks for dropping by and supporting Tess--I think you'll like her story :-)

dragonfly said...

Great review, Bethany. It sounds like a great read. Going to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Missy!!!

And I hope you like what you see, Dragonfly!

Bethany said...


Thank you for stopping by and supporting Tess. Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the review and the plugging, Bethany!!!