Friday, March 26, 2010

Whatcha Reading?

Howdy All,

It's Friday! Yay :-) My husband isn't working this weekend, so I'm happy :-)

So anyway...what are you reading currently?

I've got 2 books I'm reading:

1. Laura Childs' The Teaberry Strangler: Number 11 in the Tea Shop Mysteries series


2. Lynn Kurland's When I Fall In Love: One of her De Piaget/MacLeod family novels (I think this one might have time travel in it...cool!)

What about you? What are you reading?

Have A Fantastic Friday!


J.J. Bennett said...

Just starting "Hunger Games" and finishing up with "Cry of the Ice Mark". I still have quite a large stack of books waiting for me when I have a spare moment.

Bethany said...


Hope you enjoy them :-)