Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Happy Wednesday Folks,

Today is a series of "shorts" meaning short updates about different things.

I've emailed Elizabeth Pina the interview questions and when she replies with her answers I'll pick a day to put them up here.

I just finished reading Robin Palmer's YA novel, Geek Charming. It was a cute and fun retelling of The Frog Prince. She has some other novels out...her first one in this set being Cindy Ella. She also has a mid-grade book coming out.

REMINDER: The NWHRWA is having its annual Lone Star Contest. Be sure to click here to get details and information on the rules of entering. There's a price cut for early entries which ends in May.

If anyone hears about any other contests be sure to let me know so I can put them up on my blog.

Drum roll please...

Two authors I really like have new novels coming out:

Mystery writer, Laura Childs has another one of her Tea Shop Mysteries coming out this month. The book is called The Teaberry Strangler, which I will be getting as soon as I can (after it's released) because I've bought every single one of her Tea Shop Mysteries and read them all. (I even got my mom and one of my aunts into her series). She has 2 other Mystery series out: Scrapbooking Mysteries and The Cackleberry Club Mysteries.

The other author is Paranormal Romance author, Kerreyln Sparks, who's next novel in the Love At Stake series was to be released yesterday (March 9, 2010). The novel is called The Vampire And The Virgin. I've read most of the ones in that series and she has very witty dialogue and fun characters.

Anyway...as for myself I'm pretty caught up in what's going on with my uncle, who's not doing very well. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Have A Witty Wednesday!


Bane of Anubis said...

Best wishes for your uncle.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Thanks for the updates and I'll pray for your uncle.

Bethany said...


Thank you very much.

Bethany said...


Thank you very much.