Monday, March 22, 2010

Authors In Labor

Happy Monday and Welcome To A New Week...

So you know it's occurred to me. Writing is one of the few places both men and women get to experience pregnancy, labor and delivery (not to mention being a parent).

Here's how I figure this:

Pregnancy: You get this great idea...I mean truly fabulous. You're all excited and nervous too. Maybe a little "morning sickness" as you review that first draft, but seriously, it's all beginning to start to come together. Little by little the pages pile up...and you begin to "show" through the progress you've made. (Maybe even to others).

Labor: This happens as you go through draft after draft, fight writers' block, get new ideas, cross out old ones, and begin "polishing" up your manuscript (also known as editing). It can be rewarding and painful at the same time. The process might even take awhile. (You might even do a little screaming if things aren't quite working out, however, I recommend getting an "epidural" instead--like say having some tea, coffee...maybe chocolate...perhaps singing some silly song you love).

Delivery: This is when finally through all your hard work, revisions and everything, you get a contract with a agent and/or publisher. You begin delivering your work to these people, and hopefully have something exciting to show for all that hard work. All kinds of emotions flash through you, but on the whole, you're proud of yourself for going through the whole process and sticking with it and believing in your work and yourself.

Of course, this also ties in with parenthood. Sometimes authors are a little nervous to have their work critiqued. Even if you want honest feedback, sometimes it's not always easy to swallow...especially since this is your "baby". You have to learn to find the good advice and sort through your emotions. Don't be impulsive, don't fly into a tizzy, take a deep breath and remember, every other writer is doing the same thing.

Take a deep breath, have an "I can do it!" attitude and you just never know...perhaps one day you'll see your name up on one of those bookshelves of the newest best seller and people fawning over your characters.

All because you dared to put in some sweat, tears, imagination, inspiration and dedication.

Best wishes!

Have A Miraculous Monday!

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