Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Week's Updates

Hey Everyone,

Well...here's what's going on around me...

I'm still working on the first pass of edits on Surreal. Normally I do a chapter per day, but I decided to break up one of the chapters, so it'll take me 2 days for that one. I'm having to add some action and up some of the tension, which isn't a bad thing (plus it's more true to the villain anyway).

I'm reading Laura Childs new Tea Shop Mystery novel, The Teaberry Strangler. It's pretty good so far. I'll give more of a report when I'm done. (It's number 11 in the series).

I got my DVD copy of Twilight Saga: New Moon. I really like the 6 part featurette on it about how the filming came together. It was very interesting. Parts of the commentary were funny, but I really liked the Featurette best. No, I don't have Blu-Ray, so I didn't get that, nor did I get the 3 disc set, I got the 2 disc one from Barnes And Noble online.

For those interested in Atlantis and paranormal romance, check out Alyssa Day's series. Her newest one, Atlantis Redeemed, book number 5 in the Warriors Of Poseidon series was released on March 2, 2010. I liked the first book, I haven't really read the others, yet, but they're quite imaginative. Her books are listed in reverse order on her site (meaning the newest one is listed first and book number 1 is listed last).

Author Kim Lenox has the third novel in her Shadow Guards series, Darker Than Night coming out April 6, 2010. I own (and have read) the first two. If you like historicals and paranormal, suspense and romance, I recommend checking them out. I've liked them.

I'm going to be reading one of Lynn Kurland's novels (I like her Macleod/De Piaget family novels) titled When I Fall In Love. I've read most of the others. My favorite is Stardust Of Yesterday. I also really liked A Dance Through Time. Kendrick (Stardust Of Yesterday) is just fun. She has a new book coming out April 27, 2010 called One Enchanted Evening (also a De Piaget family book) that looks good. I'll probably have to read that one. Her website is full of information and even has advice on the reading order of her books. I recommend them, they're good and a lot of fun. (Think knights, England, France, Scotland, Time travel, ghosts, sword fights, romance). She also has a fantasy series out, but I pretty much stick with the other series I mentioned.


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