Monday, March 1, 2010

I Don't Do Pink Polka Dots

Happy Tuesday Folks,

Those of us who have been through the wedding planning process know how weird things can get. The dreams, the anxiety. Do these things ever make into novels?

I suppose even Paranormal has it's paranormal limits. I mean I had a dream that the sleeve of my wedding dress was torn a few months before my wedding. That was a bit creepy. And why I was wearing my wedding dress just to walk around the house in my dream still escapes my comprehension.

Not to mention the fact that a friend of mine had a dream that her dress was like pink with purple polka dots or vice versa. She was not happy...but she was relieved that it was just a dream and not real. Although, I suggested maybe that would've been funny...she wasn't amused. Go figure...I found out later when I was a bride (11 months later) why those kinds of things are not amusing to brides.

So...I wonder...has anyone put those wedding dreams into a story? Because so far, in all the books I've read I've never seen it.

I wonder if those dreams would go into a horror novel or if that would fit paranormal?

Your thoughts?

By the way, I'm happy to report that my dress had no tears in it on my wedding day and my wedding day was wonderful and I was married to my wonderful husband looking like a princess, just as I meant to. This May 8th will mark 6 years of me being married to the love of my life and as far as I know my wedding dress still doesn't have any rips in it. :-)

Have A Thrilling Tuesday!


Marsha Sigman said...

No wierd wedding dreams. Now pregnancy...that was another story.lol You need to put those dreams in your stories!

Bethany said...


That's another good point. Where are the weird pregnancy dreams in novels? :-)