Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Invansion Of The Manne-Vamps

Happy Wednesday (St. Patrick's Day) Folks,

Hope y'all are wearing green today!

Well...I am on a parody trend again. I took the idea I had for manne-vamps and approached fellow author (and follower of this blog), Ryan, with the idea of us writing a parody featuring manne-vamps together. Ryan graciously agreed, and since then we've had some brain storming sessions.

In an effort to involve my awesome readers, we decided we'd share our ideas as the story evolves with you.

So here's part 1 of the road to the manne-vamp parody being written:

The story will focus on 2 vampires (one male one female) who had the misfortune to be cursed by a warlock and transformed into mannequins that come alive every Tuesday.

Here are the characters' backgrounds:

Cristoph St. Louis (pronounced the French way, "Lou-ee"): Male vampire. Tall, dark, semi-handsome, and a complete klutz. He looks to be in his thirties, although he's over a hundred years old (exact age unknown). Example of his klutziness: One time (some time after he was transformed into a vampire) he fell INTO the Grand Canyon. Cristoph has a deep voice, could be considered sexy by some, but soft-spoken by others. Reasonably good manners, but really not light on his feet. (I'll have to scratch out more specific details, but for now, this is what I know about him...I'm working on this character).

Josephine Dreyfess ("Joey" to her friends): Female vampire. Orthodox Jew, refuses to bite into anyone who isn't kosher (she has to follow her faith, she's Orthodox, remember?) Has an annoyingly nasal voice. Was transformed into a vampire by Cristoph (an accident, he assures everyone) and has decided he's her soul mate, even though he has other ideas about who might be his soul mate. At 5 foot 3 inches, she's petite but feisty. (for further info on this character, I'll rely on Ryan to clue y'all in more. He's working on her background and personality).

Joshua Steinmeister: Warlock Extraordinaire...except when his spells go wrong. He's Jewish, like Josephine-uh, we mean, Joey, which leads to Cristoph and Joey's troubles in the first place. In retaliation for the insult of being bitten by a rather forward vamp (Joey is the one who bites him), he curses them to live like mannequins in a Mall department store except on Tuesdays when they come to life (and scare the heck outta the shoppers and clerks). (Ryan, if you have anything to add to him, let me know).

There you have it, the cast...now we just have to get the title and story going.

Have A Winsome Wednesday!

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