Monday, March 29, 2010

My Brain Ate It

Happy Tuesday One And All,

The other day an idea for a story was "tickling" and "itching" at my brain. I kept thinking about different things to do with the idea, but nothing was "fleshing out".

Finally, at night, I sat down in front of the keyboard and thought, "That's it, I have to flesh this idea out or else it's gonna make me crazy."

I built up character names and some background information and began work on plot line ideas. I left enough holes for "wiggle room" and began writing. I'll probably chuck what I wrote (2 pages). I might even change one of the names, but at least I got started.

What is it about inspiration and when it hits that you feel like you're twisted up in knots until the whole thing comes together?

And if you don't get it down on paper, sometimes you lose that spark of inspiration, or an idea.

So...flesh out the ideas, make yourself work it out. The rest of the details will come later, but without that initial idea more than just a spark, you don't have a whole lot to work with.

How do you flesh out ideas?

Have A Tremendous Tuesday!


Marsha Sigman said...

I tried to comment earlier today but work got in the way. I hate that I get the best ideas when I am half asleep and then write notes to myself that I can't decipher the next morning. There is a best seller in those scribbles...I know it!

Bethany said...


Yeah...I remember one time I tried to read notes from a night-scribble and I had NO idea what was there. Now I just let it "marinade" until the idea takes more of a shape. :-)