Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Merrily We Sing Along

Happy Tuesday All,

So, I'm moving on from talking about quotable movies to show tunes. Why? Because I've got a song from the musical, Anything Goes playing in my head. ("And if this ditty, is not so pretty, at least it'll tell you how great you are."--You're The Top from Anything Goes).

Show tunes often play in my head. Either that or I'm singing them. I've been known to sit in the car, turn off the radio and start singing The Impossible Dream from Man Of La Mancha. ("This is my quest, to follow that star...")

One of the things that inspires me is the song This Is The Moment from Jekyll & Hyde. ("...destiny beckons and I never reckoned second best..."--see why I find it inspirational? Lyrics like that and the music just makes you feel you can do anything).

Some of my favorite songs come from 1776 (hey I told you in a previous post that my family can quote that movie). It's John Adams' song, Is Anybody There? ("They want me to quit, they say John give up the fight!")

So, what musicals/songs from movies do you like?

Have A Triumphant Tuesday!


Nancy Kay Bowden said...

Fun topic, Bethany! I've always loved musicals, and it seemed fitting when my daughters were musical theater "stars" in high school. There are two songs from the musical Beauty and the Beast that move me every time I hear them. One is "A Change in Me" and the other is "Home." There also is a song called "Love Changes Everything" from a little known Andrew Lloyd Webber musical called Aspects of Love that I saw in the West End (in London 1990ish) that I adore. Time to listen to these again! :)

Bethany said...


Thanks for dropping by! I've heard of "Aspects Of Love", but I've never seen it. "Beauty And The Beast" is a good one, I haven't seen the stage version, yet, but I want to :-)

dragonfly said...

Hi Bethany,
I am such an optimist, I can always sing Tomorrow from Annie to cheer myself up. And when my kids were babies, I rocked them to the medley of Sunshine (on my shoulder) and You Are My Sunshine.
See what I mean about being a Pollyanna?
~June Faver

Bethany said...


Hey, nothing wrong with that! It's good to have a positive outlook. Thank you for dropping by

Tonette said...

I like Lerner and Lowe...One of the songs I used to sing all the time to my grandson was"On the Street Where You Live"; now, he can sing it! My nieces used to hear, "Camelot" and "If Ever I would Leave You ", which still go through my head a lot. When no one listens to me, I have been known to break out, (from Paint Your Wagon),in "I Talk to the Trees" !

Bethany said...


"Camelot! Camelot! I know it gives a person pause." Yep, I've seen it, good musical. So is "My Fair Lady" Good ones to mention :-)