Sunday, May 1, 2011

Look! It's A Shiny Thing!

Happy Monday All,

The contest portion of this post is now closed. However, you can read the rest of the post just for the fun of it and to find out what it was about. Thank you!

If the date looks weird on this post it's because I'm posting this on Sunday night; but I couldn't go to bed without making sure this post was up--especially since I've been gearing up and hinting at this giveaway for so long! But rest assured, this post is for Monday.

It's finally here! The author/jewelry giveaway that I hinted at last week.

I know this really awesome person named Kathy. Kathy is an incredible jewelry artist and she has recently started up a company, Beadmore Designs (I have a link available at the end of this post) I have several pieces of jewelry made by Kathy and all her work is absolutely exquisite. She makes it all by hand and her attention to detail, creativity and imagination makes her work absolutely lovely.

This week, along with several author friends, I'm hosting a big giveaway of Kathy's jewelry and you, my readers have the opportunity to win it!

Each day this week will feature a different piece of jewelry as well as a different author. Each piece of jewelry will either represent an author's book, book cover, or characters. Oh yeah, and did I mention I'm one of those authors (although, I'm the only unpublished author of this week's giveaway) sponsoring a piece that's being given away? In fact, the set I'm sponsoring is what's kicking off this Great Jewelry Giveaway!

Today you all get a sneak peek into the mind of one of my heroes. This particular hero tends to go a little over the top when he gives anything to the heroine. He's incredibly wealthy, so he can afford it. Today's piece is nicknamed SURREAL and it represents my writing (although, I'm not published, yet...keep those prayers and fingers crossed for me, please).  Here's a picture of the necklace (it has matching earrings, by the way):

The necklace is called a "front-toggle necklace" meaning, you wear it with the clasp in front (oh and it's gorgeous in person, by the way). It's tough for me to part with this set, but since I don't have pierced ears the earrings would do absolutely nothing for me, so I must giveaway.

Mother's Day is Sunday, everyone--so even if you're not a woman, read below to find out how to enter, because I'm sure there's a lady in your life somewhere--and ladies, you don't have to be a Mom to enter to win this, you just have to follow the directions below:

You have two ways to enter the drawing for the SURREAL Set.

1.  You can either post in the comment section of this blog--but you MUST somehow mention the word "Surreal" (use your imagination--in a creative way (a sentence, a funny story, a day dream anything like that). and you MUST include your email address. Without these two things I cannot enter you into the drawing for the SURREAL Set.

2. Or you can email me. But in your email you MUST use the word "Surreal"in a creative way (a sentence, a funny story, a day dream anything like that).

I will leave the drawing open until 9:30 p.m. Central Time. At 9:30 p.m. I will come and officially close the drawing. After I close it, I will email the winner, then tomorrow, along with revealing which author sponsored tomorrow's piece and that author's work, I will also announce who won the SURREAL Set.

REMEMBER: You MUST include your email address AND the word "surreal" to be entered.

Please be sure to visit Kathy's Beadmore Designs website. She's in the process of updating the website, but has several photos up (with prices). Her work is very, very reasonably priced.

Anyway, this is the first day of the Great Jewelry Giveaway, be sure to return each day to find out what piece is being given away and what author (and what story) it represents.

Oh yeah, and enter to win today's set! The SURREAL Set is abolutely gorgeous!

Have A Magical Monday!


Christie Craig said...

I love it. Since I'm giving one away tomorrow, I probably can't win, but it is so pretty. Kathy does excellent work.

Christie Craig AKA C.C. Hunter

Bethany said...

Thanks Christie...hey who said you couldn't win? All you gotta do is use the word "surreal" in a sentence...anyway you want :-)

Christie Craig said...

Oh, okay!

It's very surreal that I get a chance to win this awesome necklace!!!

I posted the contest on my blog at C.C. Hunter. I hope you get lots of entries.

Tonette said...

Oh,I am in good company!
Looks nice, Bethany!
What is SURREAL here is the invasion of ants in my house...nothing's working...I am opened for suggestions...or I may be able to write my own SciFi story...without the Fi!

Bethany said...


LOL consider yourself my first entry! Love your word usage (I knew you rocked) :-)

Bethany said...


Oh I hope the ants leave your house. They are annoying to have in the house. Offspring is my own personal ant alarm. Offspring always lets me know when any bugs are in the house LOL That rocks (the sentence, not the fact that you have ants) :-)

Susan M said...

Your sister's jewelry is so beautiful that it's almost surreal.

How's that?

Bethany said...

Good one Susan!

Consider yourself entered :-)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I can't enter since I have jewelry coming up later this week, but I just love Kathy's work!!

Kathy Miller said...

Hi Bethany,

I just got back from a week and a half in Lexington, KY where we had several tornados and lots of rain and flooding. There is an outdoor tornado siren in my friend's neighborhood and we were awakened one morning by what sounded like a grandfather clock. It was actually the siren! Totally surreal!! BTW, I already have a few pieces of your sister's jewelry, but would love to add the "Surreal" necklace to my collection. My email address is kmm@jhmi.edu

Monica said...

It's surreal how tired I can be on Mondays!

Bethany said...


Actually you could enter. Just use the word "surreal" in a sentence. :-)

Bethany said...

Kathy M.,

Always glad to "see" a new face on here! Glad you enjoy her jewelry. She's incredibly creative. I've got you written down for tonight's drawing. Thank you for dropping by and don't be a stranger :-)

Bethany said...

I think I know which Monica that is, but I'm going to have to verify...so if Monica could contact me by 10 p.m. I can put you in tonight's drawing. Thank you for dropping by and don't be a stranger :-)

Bethany said...

Okay I figured out who the Monica was, but FYI to future posters: when you enter my contests and it's possible I won't know who you are please at least email me with your email address. Thank you :-)

Bethany said...

Today's Contest is officially closed!

Winner's name has been drawn. I will be emailing the winner and announce the name on Tuesday's post. Thank you everyone who participated for Monday :-)