Monday, May 9, 2011

Back To Business

Happy Monday All,

Thanks for all the well wishes for my offspring. Offspring is on antibiotic and doing much better. Anniversary was fun and Mother's Day was lovely.

I feel like I'm still coming down off of last week's Great Jewelry Giveaway high. That was so much fun and I can't believe it's over! (Wah!) Oh well, there's other fun things coming up (although, unless Kathy at Beadmore Designs tells me differently, we won't be giving away anymore jewelry). By the way, just because the Great Jewelry Giveaway is over does not mean you can't go to Beadmore Designs and order something from Kathy. Please tell her you heard about her from Write By Bethany.

Now onto business. Today, I've got some special things to tell you about:

I got a friend who sells lovely Catholic (and there's some other not strictly Catholic things on there, too) gifts. Her name is Nance, and the website is called Visions In White. I've ordered several things from her. One was a Rosary for a nephew of mine in the Marines--really cool thing about this Rosary was that there was a medal on there that either said Marines on it or had a symbol of the USA Marines. This nephew of mine is serving in a dangerous place, and he took that Rosary with him. A niece and nephew of mine recently got their First Communions, so once again I ordered from this friend. (I was late ordering so the gifts aren't here, yet, but I expect they'll be lovely). Nance is awesome and I recommend emailing her to contact her. But I do recommend going to her website and checking out what she has. If you find something you like, you can email and see if she has them in stock.

Many of you who look in my blog margin will see that I have plugged this author numerous times--Melissa Ohnoutka. She wrote a Romantic Suspense entitled Faithful Deceptions which is just utterly magnificent. Seriously, this is just an awesome book. I thought I had read and handled suspenseful novels (I read Paranormals for crying out loud!) But I was unprepared for the fact that Melissa reaches in starting on page one, grabs hold of you and refuses to let go until the end. This is incredible work and she's one really cool person to boot. You check her out at her blog. Tell her I said hi. Oh yeah, she's available on Amazon (paperback copy), Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Ooo, and I just found out it's available in paperback through Barnes & Noble.

Recently I was looking for book 4 of this series I own--I own book 4, just put it somewhere and now I can't remember where I put it. But anyway, searching for this book reminded me how much I love the series and well, if you enjoy fantasy meets breezy type writing, then get your cursors clicking at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders --whichever bookstore you like best--and order your copy of Shanna Swendson's books--the series starts with Enchanted, Inc. Book 2 is entitled Once Upon Stilettos Book 3 is Damsel Under Stress and Book 4 is Don't Hex With Texas. They are totally awesome. I just love them. I've read them twice and I've fallen in love with Katie and Owen. It's fun, it's charming and I love it, love it, love it and well...you'd just have to read the books to see why!

So, what's everyone up to this week?

Have A Magically Marvelous Monday!


Melissa said...

Thanks, Bethany! You're awesome, girl! :)

I love a great series. Will definitely check this one out!

Tonette said...

Thanks for the tips...I love the rosary idea for the military....and I DO love to be 'gotten' by a writer. I watch movies and usually see the plot twists coming.One daughter-in-law handed me a move once and said, "Watch this, don't THINK, just watch!" I appreciate not-seeing-it-coming.
I am up to organizing! I am headed out for a few boxes,underbed storage and hanging bags at the Dollar Tree to continue the work I have started,and a good start it has been.
(Bethany, looks like I am not the only one who has a houseful of books, if you can't find one of a series! Kindred spirits!)
The rain seems to have finally stopped here for a while...it has been SOMETHING, I can tell
Glad everyone is on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Love Melissa's books!!!! Will have to check out the others mentioned!

Happy Monday!

Bethany said...


Aw, shucks. Thanks for the compliment, that's sweet of you. Hope you like the books by Shanna Swendson...I really had fun reading them more than once. Thanks for dropping by, always good to see/"see" you :-)

Bethany said...


Sounds like you've been busy! Sounds good. Enjoy the books :-)

Bethany said...


Hope you enjoy the books, thank you for dropping by :-)