Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger, Suspense, And Whoo-Hoo!

Happy Friday All, Correction--I'm so embarrassed, I only realized I had put Thursday instead of Friday at around 9:30 p.m.! This was supposed to have been Thursday's post, but it didn't happen due Blogger being down, as of 11:08 p.m.

For about 2 days blogger was down for maintenance reasons. I was unable to sign in or update. I just now found out it's up and running and so I can finally get back to my Monday through Friday posting.

The other day I got an email in my inbox from a friend of mine saying he had put out on Kindle and Smashwords his new novel, Street Heat.

Will Graham has been a fabulous person to know for the last 2 years. I interviewed him last year (under the name Will Simon) where I talked about some of his other works.

He also was the one waiting not far outside the door after my first in-person pitch with an agent, offerring me encouragement and support. (Everyone I know who knows him thinks he's awesome, so it's not just me).

He gave a very educational talk last year on Hollywood and reality of cop/detective type shows with personality profiles and enough things to keep you up at night (you can see a little description of the talk if you arrow down the margins on the NWHRWA site).

In any case, he's a great writer and wonderful friend, and I hope any of you who like Thriller/Suspense will go check him out. I believe you'll find yourself wrapped up in a story that you'll be glad you read!

So whoo-hoo goes to Will and his new release! I wish him all the best.

Have A Fabulous Friday! <--Correction as per my edits in the beginning of the post as of 11:08 p.m.


William said...

Bethany, you flatter me..:) Thank you so much!

Stacey Purcell said...

I've started reading the book and it's a terrific read so far! He has some great one liners and I can tell really bad stuff is about to rain all over his hero!

Bethany said...


Not a problem. What I read of your writing it's great :-)

Bethany said...


That's awesome! I hope to read it soon :-)

Melissa said...

Go, Will!! I'm so excited for you!!! :) Started reading it this weekend. Love the cat's name!!!LOL

Melissa said...

And I must add that the story has me on the edge of my seat! What's in the darn box? Oh, wait! No don't tell me, I don't think I can take it. AcK! So good!! :)