Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Love Affair

Happy Thursday All,

Some of my favorite books are ones that left me with a warm feeling in my heart and/or a smile on my face.
Here's a few of them:
Lesley Livingston with her Wondrous Strange trilogy (according to her blog she has a new release coming out July 2011)
Shanna Swendson with her Enchanted, Inc. books
Christie Craig with Shut Up And Kiss Me (She has a new release coming out August 2011).
Oh yeah and the list continues:
Jackson Pearce's As You Wish (She has a new release coming out August 2011, and one in sometime in 2012).
Suzanne Selfors Coffeehouse Angel (She had a new release in April--the book wasn't a children's book, by the way--apparently several authors contributed to the release that came out this past April. It's called Hotel Angeline: A Novel In 36 Voices).
Georgette Heyer's The Grand Sophy
Of course, I could name more. You see...I have a love affair with books. I consider them some of my best friends and constant companions.
I love books. I've loved them for years. From the time I was read to as a kid, to when I read to myself (and even when I could read to myself, I still enjoyed my Dad reading Cheaper By The Dozen by Frank Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey). I've been addicted to books.
My love affair included trips to bookstores and libraries. These sojourns into the wonderful places called bookstores and libraries are some of my favorite childhood memories. I even remember in my middle school years walking into this one bookstore and breathing in the scent of the place and all my cares and stresses just melting away. To this day, I still sometimes breathe in the scent of bookstores--particularly Barnes & Noble (hey the fragrance of a bookstore mixed with the aroma of coffee is addictive!)
What about you? What's your criteria for favorite books?
Have A Thriving Thursday!


Tonette said...

Ones that have characters that I care about, who have moved me...situations that may not be real, but COULD be, in my mind, become favorite books...from "The Tawny Scrawny Lion" and "The Little Amilman of Bayberry Lane" when I was little ,to adventures, biographies, and fantasy/scifi and pure novels...quickly ,I think of "Rosie Dunne" and many other Cecelia Ahern characters.With all the books I have read, they have stayed in my heart...but fun counts, too, as Stephanie Plum, her friends and family (Janet Evanovich's characters)are in my conversations with my dearest friend, my grown niece, as are (MJ Davidson's Characters), Betsy and others. Tonya Hurly's 'Ghostgirl' is now a favorite because of the 'feel-good' changes in the characters' lives. I think most if done with humor..but I need to care for at least one of the characters.

Bethany said...


Makes sense to me! I think if you like comedy, Christie Craig is excellent with that. Also there's some very funny moments in Shanna Swendson's novels (I recommend reading from Book 1 onward in order, but Book 2 or 3 has two characters that I adore that cracked me up--I won't say who, it's better if you meet them yourselves, I believe they make an appearance in Book 4, too, but again, start with Book 1, you have to experience the entire story from beginning to end to appreciate the whole thing, at least, that's what I think).

Thank you for dropping by! Good to "see" you :-)