Friday, May 6, 2011

The Great Jewelry Giveaway Friday: The Lady's Got Quality

Happy Friday All,

The contest portion of this post is closed, however, you may enjoy the rest of it :-)

Congratulations goes to Beth, who emailed me her entry, and is the winner of the Eyes Of Jade Bracelet & Earrings Set in yesterday's drawing.

Today is the last day of the Great Jewelry Giveaway. I've had so much fun hosting it and the comments have been very creative and imaginative with their usages of the contest words. So, I hope today to see that creativity and imagination alive and well for this, the last giveaway day for this particular contest.

Kathy of Beadmore Designs and I both share a love of Georgette Heyer's books. Ms. Heyer died in 1974, leaving a legacy of Regency Romances and Mystery novels behind. I have read that she often called "Queen Of The Regency".  I've read about 13 of her Regency Romances.

Kathy's favorite is Lady Of Quality (which I have not read, but it looks good). Lady Of Quality follows the friendship between Annis Wychwood ,who volunteers to chaperone a young lady named Lucilla. One of Lucilla's relatives, Oliver Carleton comes to Bath to see about Lucilla's new living arrangements with Annis. Annis and Oliver apparently hit it off, but Annis doesn't want to give up her independence. Will Oliver win Annis, or is he, a rake, just not right for this Lady Of Quality? (Each time I mentioned the title, Lady Of Quality, in the above paragraph I provided a link to a different bookstore where you can purchase the paperback version).  You can also get it on Amazon Kindle and on Barnes & Noble NookYou can get many other of Georgette Heyer's novels at Barnes & Noble, Borders and Amazon.

Kathy made a lovely necklace to sponsor for today's giveaway in Georgette Heyer's name the necklace is called Lucilla:

Lucilla necklace

Here's how you can enter to win the Lucilla Necklace (but careful, the contest word today is NOT Lucilla):

Either you can...

A.  Comment in the comment section. Be sure to provide your name and email address (I can't enter you without an email address, sorry). You must use the words "lady" and "quality" in a sentence to enter tonight's drawing. (Use your imagination. Get creative and have fun with it).

Or you can...

B.  Email me but you must use the words "lady" and "quality" in a sentence (Use your imagination. Get creative and have fun with it).

No anonymous entries. If you wish not to leave your name and email address in the comment section then you may send me an email with a sentence using the words "lady" and "quality".

Unless I'm told otherwise, International entries are welcome.

I'll be closing the contest at 10:00 p.m. Central Time. When that happens, I'll draw a winner, email them, and put up a special post announcing who the winner is.

If you have any further questions/comments please email me.

I hope you all have enjoyed this week as much as I have. Special thanks go to the following people:

Kathy of Beadmore Designs for her lovely workmanship and jewelry (you can purchase jewelry from Kathy by going to her website and contacting her through her email. She has many pieces available for sale, including the ones that were featured in this week's giveaway. She also makes lovely custom pieces).

C.C. Hunter (YA Paranormal)

Tea Trelawny (accent on the "e" in "Tea") (Erotica)

Tess St. John (Historicals, Romantic Suspense and Mysteries)

Thank you, all of you, for helping me make this Great Jewelry Giveaway possible and for their continued support and friendship.

Congratulations and thanks goes to all the winners:  Susan M. (Monday), Donna Marie (Tuesday), C.C. (Wednesday) and Beth (Thursday)...Friday's winner is yet to be determined.

Also, thank you so very, very much to all my followers and all those who participated. You all rock!

Be sure to enter today's drawing!

Have A Fairy-Tale Friday! 


Tonette said...

Without seeking the quality I look for in a friend,I nonetheles found one in the lady who owns this blog....
I tried really hard not to sound like a kiss-up, Bethany, but this was the best I could tone down...I read the code words for today and I could not help but apply them to you.
Thanks for the fun this week, the fun every week, the great interviews, book reviews, book sugesstions and the time spent with me, pesonally.

Jessica said...

Ok, Bethany...because you're such a fabulous lady (and I'm not just saying that because we're related) and because there is such beauty and quality is Kathy's jewelry (again...not just saying that because of the relationship!), I'll enter today's drawing!!! :)


Mindy said...

The alarm went off waking up Clea. On the pillow next to her was a rose and a note "Happy Anniversary Clea, my lady of quality you loving husband James"

Birdsooong (at) aol.com

Anonymous said...

The lady was not one of just quality but also of honor and because of such, she chose an independant lifestyle that would lead her to exciting destinations and many new friends.


desere_steenberg said...

Only a "lady" of true "quality" is to wear Lucilla for it is one of the most precious gems to be found.

Thanks for a fun week !

Bethany said...


Hey, no problem. It's very sweet and you made me smile. Thank you for dropping by--as always good to "see" you. I've got you put in for tonight's drawing :-)

Bethany said...


You're pretty darned fabulous yourself (it doesn't take being related to you to know this, by the way). Thank you for dropping by! Glad to "see" you. I've got you entered for tonight's drawing. Please don't be a stranger, always glad to have you visit my blog :-)

Bethany said...


Awww, I thought your sentence was really sweet. It's been fun reading the ongoing tales of Clea and James! Thank you for dropping by. I've got you entered for tonight's drawing :-)

Bethany said...


Very well done. (I think Kathy will appreciate your sentence quite a bit). Thank you for dropping by! I've got you entered for tonight's drawing :-)

Bethany said...


Good sentence! Thank you for dropping by--good to "see" you. I've got you entered for tonight's drawing :-)

desere_steenberg said...

Thank you Bethany !

Judythe Morgan said...

Bethany, What a fun week you given us with some very talented writers. You've introduced me to authors I didn't know and some I already love.
And the jewelry selections were fabulous. Kathy of Beadmore Designs does beautiful work. Thanks for introducing me to her.

Hope this comes through I'm learning a new computer and upgraded software and it's not pretty on my side of the keyboard.


Bethany said...


No problem! Glad you got something great out of it. Kathy will appreciate your compliment--I just got off the phone with her and she's really enjoyed this week, too. Thank you for dropping by (please be sure to come back), and if you want to enter to win, just use "lady" and "quality" in a sentence--I've got your email address on file :-)

Bethany said...


You're welcome :-)

Diana said...

I'm a beautiful lady with high quality!!!
Thank you very much.

artgiote at gmail dot com

Bethany said...


It's good to have a healthy self-esteem--I smiled when I read your sentence. Thank you for dropping by. I've got you entered for tonight's drawing :-)

Kathy said...

Thanks to everyone for a very fun week! First of all, thank you, Bethany, for coming up with this idea and getting it rolling. Thank you, Bethany, C.C., Tea, & Tess for commissioning jewelry. And thanks to all the commenters for the lovely compliments. I had a great time making the pieces and following the action this week!

Kathy at Beadmore Designs

nutspan said...

The quality of a lady depends on the person.
I don't know, not very good at these sentences.


Bethany said...


You did fine! Thank you for dropping by. I've got you entered for tonight's drawing :-)

Bethany said...


The contest is now officially closed! Thank you everyone who participated today and thank you to Kathy and all the authors--y'all rock :-)