Thursday, September 17, 2009

Writers' Group

Happy Night-Time Folks,

This quick little resource post is triggered by Regina (Kudos award goes to her this time!) She was talking about wanting to find a writers' group.

One thing I recommended was finding the most recent (or the 4th edition) of The Complete Idiots' Guide To Getting Published by Sheree Bykofsky and Jennifer Basye Sander.

Come to think of it, that's where I first saw the information about Romance Writers' Of America, although, I did end up searching on the internet and learning more about the RWA and the chapter I want to join when I was looking for Conferences near where I live.

Just be sure that when you're looking things up the phone numbers and sites are updated. I tried to call a number once that was listed in a book for a group and the number was wrong.

Here's some info on writers' groups (including the RWA):

Sisters In Crime (for mystery writers)

National Writers Union (for all genres--free-lance writers).

The Authors Guild (regarding copyrights, et cetera)

Romance Writers Of America (for romance writers--the RWA)

The other thing you can do is do a search. See what comes up.

Best of luck!

Have A Toe-Tapping Thursday Night!


J.J. Bennett said...

There's just something about that name that discourages me from buying it... LOL!

Stephanie Faris said...

Great list! Yes, most major cities have RWA chapters and even smaller cities do. We have four in Tennessee, I think? We didn't have one in Nashville in the mid-90s when I started, so I put out a press release to all the local papers to call romance novelists together...which led me to another woman who was trying to start an RWA chapter here. Now there's meetup.com and craigslist to get the word out if you want to start your own.

bethanyintexas said...

J.J.--Don't let the title throw you off. It's a good book. Very informative and written by an agent and an author. I've looked up the agent's website and she's still working as an agent. Please, don't let title bother you.

bethanyintexas said...


I can't claim any real credit for the list. I looked it up in the book I mentioned in the post. The book has a lot of great information.

Regina Milton said...

Thanks Bethany! I did some research and found some in my area that I really like. I've been meaning to check out Sisters in Crime so thanks for the link. All together I think there are 2 or 3 that I will consider. I want to get connected to other writers in my area because none of my close friends write so there's really no one to talk to about it in person!

bethanyintexas said...


Glad I could be of help. I know what you mean. I have a friend who writes sometimes, but it's not the same. I value her opinion, but as far as I know she hasn't made it a career, maybe that's changed. She's a good writer. Most of my friends outside of internet and the RWA chapter mostly write for fun.