Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Joys & Sorrows

Good Afternoon All,

The greatest joys for an author is when they finish a manuscript and getting published. But before that happens, there's little moments of triumph and agony.

Times when the story just flows from the fingertips, moments when the characters are most engaging, falling in love with the story for the first time, times of big flashes of inspiration, et cetera.

Sorrows come when an author is struggling with a plot point, or when something isn't fitting...or if the story just doesn't want to "behave" itself. A character can be acting unlike his or herself, or scene the author likes has to be cut.

But despite all this, most of the time a writer comes back to why he or she is writing in the first place:

Could it be because said author just can't help it?

Maybe the author in question feels compelled to write--like the story is just bursting out from inside the writer.

Whatever the reasons, an author needs a reason to write.

So what are your reasons for writing? What are some of your greatest joys and deepest sorrows when writing?

Have A Thrill-Filled Tuesday!


J.J. Bennett said...

My Father died in May and I promised him I would finish my book. He believed in the story and in me. I want to make him proud and I know he's cheering me on. ;)

bethanyintexas said...


That is definitely a good reason to write! Wow. Very cool.

Regina Milton said...

Good question.
I write because I love to and have to. I write because I feel it will entertain or help someone one day, and that's important to me. To do what others have done for me...helped me learn, helped distract me with awesome works of fiction. I want to do that.

bethanyintexas said...


I agree! :-)