Friday, September 25, 2009

Reading Author

Posted by Bethany at September 25, 2009
Good Morning One & All,

Kudos go to J.J. for inspiring this post! She talked about writers also being readers and wanting to know what they're reading, so, I thought I'd post about it. As well as the different viewpoints regarding reading.

I actually put what I'm reading in the right hand margin of this blog. Currently nothing is listed because I had to wait on some books to be available. I'm picking them up today. On that list is Laura Childs' Eggs In Purgatory, Stephenie Meyer's The Host, and Kerrelyn Sparks' Secret Life Of A Vampire.

Reading for an author is an opportunity for many things: enjoyment, learning, and knowing what's out there (particularly what might be selling well or what isn't selling as well). It's an education while being fun.

Nathan Bransford posed the question of an author being well-read in his post on Wednesday. The comment section had a whole bunch of points of view and opinions.

Some people have a different idea about a "well-read author" and some people don't think it's important at all and others think it's very important. So, what's your particular view? Do you think reading (even if it's not necessarily within an author's genre) important? What do you get out of reading? Do you like to read or do you view it as just part of the job?

A lot of times I like escaping into a different world and seeing the possibilities within that place. But a writer can really learn something from other authors.

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