Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update From The Klutz

Posted by Bethany at September 13, 2009
Happy Sunday Night Everyone,

LOL, if you're wondering how I pulled my muscle in my shoulder on Saturday, you can thank Stephanie for posting the question in the comment section and the answer is there, as well.

How's my shoulder? Glad you asked. It's better. Not all better, yet. Still a little tender, but husband massaged it and showed me how me a stretch and I've been laying on the heating pad every now and again and being gentle with that shoulder/arm. So it's healing.

As to writing, the reconstruction of Conjure A Man has been smooth. I'm thinking this was a grand idea. (Kudos go to Tess for affirming my belief that the beginning needed to be changed and overhauled; I still maintain that you're awesome).

I've gotten questions answered by my editor for Surreal and hoping something brilliant comes my way to help me improve that one, until then, I have to just keep working on the edits.

But let's review, Surreal shall we? Let's go with some of the principle characters...

Monroe Dubay is a many faceted creature. He starts off dark and brooding and ends up with a sense of humor and find out that it's love, not the hunt that drives him to woo (to use an old-fashioned word) English Teacher, Sasha Brighton.

Okay yeah, we've got a dashing hero and a rather, reluctant heroine, but who's to say they own the whole stage, huh?

Monroe's best friend and confident, Bast Cantrell doesn't mind entering the scene and pushing Monroe's buttons any opportunity he has. He's got a special place in my heart and my laughter.

Oh yeah, and I have a villain...Lily Tygress. She's a pain in Monroe's arse, but doesn't seem to give up on the idea that she's the only solution to his single status. She wants him for herself and nobody better get in the way.

So yeah...with these characters I should have no problem, right? Well...I think I got a bit ambitious. The whole novel is told first person present tense.

Now, I'm that intriguing or scary?

Have A Scrumptious Sunday! (well rest of your Sunday anyway...)


Regina Quentin on Monday, 14 September, 2009 said...

Wow, first person, present tense! I want to read that Bethany. Good luck with everything. I consider you to be very bold; I'm sure your writing is the same.

Bethany on Monday, 14 September, 2009 said...


Send me an email (, and I'll be happy to send the Prologue to you. I'd love to get more than one opinion on it (I've got my editor's opinion--she liked it and is finishing up the last bit to send back to me), but other opinions are welcome, as well. Tess might have a gander at it.

I don't know if I'm bold or had too much sugar that day. LOL First person present tense just seemed to work for that story.


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