Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kicking Around Ideas

Good Morning One & All,

So, have you ever seen those things...the t-shirts and pins that say stuff like "Be careful or else you'll end up in my novel" or "Be careful or else you'll end up in my blog". Pretty funny, but if you think about it, there's some truth in those quotes.

We writers pull from practically anything and everything. Someone might say something really cool and overhearing it, the author in our heads says "Ooo! Ooo! Must remember that, totally awesome." And we're off and running on ideas.

But, you know, sometimes someone says something awesome and our author brains can't help wondering "How would I work that into a story? Who would say that and why?" Click. Click. Click. Our minds become saturated with possibilities.

Most of the time authors come up with their own dialogue and sayings, ideas, but every now and again we hear something that makes us sit up and pay attention--even closer than we were. You never know what might trigger inspiration.

It's all about kicking writing butt. We want to put our best foot forward. Sometimes it means satirizing our own lives or taking a situation and turning it into an incredible story. A writer never knows what might come his or her way.

We have to keep our eyes and ears open for anything that gives us inspiration. Reading, paying attention to our surroundings, and letting our minds spin with the whole "what-could-be's" Impossibilities become possible when an author pays attention.

So, what about yourself? Is it something you read, see, hear, or just a flight of fancy that gets your mind going? Do you look around you to see what might inspire you?

Have A Thoughtful Thursday!


Regina Milton said...

I play the people-watching game a lot. While I'm driving or riding in the car I look at people and try to make up their story. why are they wearing the clothes they are? What brings them to this part of town or this particular street at this time of day. Maybe the stories are somewhat accurate; maybe they are completely off base, I don't know. They are fun to make up and they give me content and characters.

I often have things pop into my head seemingly from nowhere. I do get inspired from the stuff I read or the things I see in movies or on TV as well.

What about you? where do most of your ideas come from?

bethanyintexas said...

Awesome, Regina. Generally I make up characters off of a fantasy/paranormal type character and contemplate what kind of impossible possibilities I can come up with :-)

Sometimes something happening around me makes me think "Oh, there we go!"

Keep up the good work :-)