Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Release Updates & A Question

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Just thought I'd let you know...

Chuck Emerson, a fellow writer friend of mine, has a new e-book out called Guys And Stuff (Short Stories) available on Barnes & Noble Nook. He also has another story out called Journeys Of Mid-Life Relationships (Short Stories). This one is available on both Barnes & Noble Nook and also on Amazon Kindle. I'm a little late reporting on these two e-books (I'm sorry, Chuck). Guys And Stuff was released a couple of days ago and Journeys Of Mid-Life Relationships came out in March.

Oh and update on Suzan Harden's Zombie Love:  When I first posted about the release, it hadn't come up on Barnes & Noble Nook, yet. Well, that's changed. Zombie Love is now available on Barnes & Noble Nook. Zombie Love is the sequel to Blood Magick.

Okay, here's hypothetical question for you:  Suppose you had something in a story you wanted to put in--a big reveal--when is the best time to put in the big reveal? Near the beginning? The Middle or the end? What's your opinion as a reader (and/or writer)? 

I'd say it depends on the story and what direction you want to take it. Some people like the story to say how their characters resolve the big reveal, and others want it to lead into the next story (in a series). So what do you think?

Have A Terrific Tuesday!


William Simon said...

I've not had the chance to read Mr. Emerson's works yet, but I can confirm ZOMBIE LOVE rules! Suzan has the rare gift of making the reader laugh out loud, and it's well worth reading!

The Big Reveal? That's a tough one. Traditionally, mystery writers like Agatha Christie and Ellery Queen saved it for the last chapter. Ira Levin stuck it smack in the middle of the classic KISS BEFORE DYING. Columbo revealed the murderer in the first ten minutes, and the fun came from seeing how the Bad Guy got caught.

A rambling answer that boils down to, "Well, it depends"....:)

Anonymous said...

Apt reply..."Well, it depends!" I think most writers place it just before the end,I mean, think about it; is there a reason to keep on reading if you know everything important that is going to happen? It would have to be a completely ,laugh-out-loud book to keep anyone's interest....or a real bummer, like The Grapes of Wrath. The BIG REVEAL in a Columbo was HOW he managed to catch the criminal, and of course, that is in the end, too.
We had a wave of movies in the 1970's-'80's that just died at the end and left you empty,like there actually was no end.Not good, believe me, not good.
I'm still having trouble staying 'signed in' with Google. I hope you see your email,Bethany!

Suzan Harden said...

Thanks for the heads up, Bethany. When I checked B&N this morning around 10AM, Zombie Love still wasn't live.

Bethany said...


Thanks for the info on ZOMBIE LOVE and thanks for your input. Good to "see" you on here :-)

Bethany said...


As always, thank you for dropping by. I'll be sure to check up on my email :-)

Bethany said...


LOL and here I thought it had been up for days and I was behind! Sorry it took so long to go live on there. Maybe there was a glitch in the system. Anyway, thank you for dropping by. Best wishes to you and your new release, ZOMBIE LOVE :-)