Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Summer--Take A Trip!

Happy Thursday Everyone,

Summer's still going strong--July's not even half over and there's some of August, too.

This year we weren't taking any summer vacation trip, but my husband took a little time off and that was nice.

Growing up my family often headed up north to Michigan to visit relatives. We'd load up the car and drive through several states. We often stayed at friends' house in Kentucky. One year we went out to the Kentucky Horse Park, visited Churchill Downs (and the Kentucky Derby Museum there). That was a lot of fun. I had been taking horseback riding lessons at the time, so I knew how to hold the reins (learned both Western and English saddles/bridles).

Another year my mom, younger brother and I were in Ohio and Mom took us to the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame. This was back when it hadn't been open real long. When I was there they had 1950's and 1960's cars hanging from the ceiling. I was so terrified the cars would fall on my head (thank goodness they didn't!)

That's just a few of some of the trips I've been on (I have other stories, of course).

So what did you do for vacation this year and what about past vacations? What memories stand out in your mind?

Have A Tremendous Thursday!


Anonymous said...

This year! I haven't been on a trip in YEARS and I guess I told you that I saw cousins that I had not seen since I was a child, and one I only knew from an old photo and email.We had a wonderful reunion and pledged to stay in touch with one another.I guess I was the force that started it all, although I did not mean to, but it all came together with enthusiasm I never expected. I also saw a cousin on the other side of my family whom I have not seen since we were young women, although we have been in touch again for many years.She and her family are coming for Thanksgiving! It was a phenominal trip.
Bethany, if you ever head to Churchill Downs again, let me know! I'll meet you there,or c'con down.I live about 40 miles south,in historic Bardstown.

Bethany said...


Well, if I ever make it back that direction I'll let you know. Glad you had fun with your cousins. I haven't been to Kentucky in YEARS. I loved seeing all the horses--the Kentucky Horse Park was fascinating and fun. Hope you have fun with your relatives at Thanksgiving and thanks for dropping by :-)