Friday, July 29, 2011

Chocolate, Writing, & Reading

Posted by Bethany at July 29, 2011
Happy Friday All,

Thursday I didn't post, I decided to take that day off. But, I'm back now.

I made cupcakes Thursday night--from Hershey's Cocoa recipe (I'm sorry I don't have pictures). I had these first at my sister's house and fell in love. Very rich, but totally yummy and with chocolate icing. Another way to get to my "happy place".

I'm finishing up reading a novel, and I've gotten some editing on one of my manuscripts, and working on another project, so things are moving along.

So, as always, lots going on and a lot coming up. What's going on on your end?

Have A Fantastic Friday!


jeff7salter on Friday, 29 July, 2011 said...

Well, mainly, I have a sudden yen for choc. cupcakes.

Bethany on Friday, 29 July, 2011 said...


LOL! Well, maybe you could get some chocolate cupcakes. Thanks for dropping by :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to move closer to Jeff...seems like he needed chicken soup now cupcakes...LOL!C'mon over, everybody..I have a homemade ice cream cake here for the Husband's birthday today.
I've been getting my grandson ready for the school year, which starts next Wednesday...trying to get my house ready for some painting, trying to keep up with my son who is recovering from surgery,reading a lot and trying to keep up with normal stuff...and desperately trying to get some writing energy.
Hanging in there!

Bethany on Friday, 29 July, 2011 said...


Oh my! I hope your son's okay. Best wishes with the painting and everything going on. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Thank you for dropping by :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks, son has been very fotunate, the tumor on his thigh bone was benign, but he has gotten up and overdone it,(can't hold a good man down!)It was serious surgery,(into the bone), but he should be fine, thanks.

Bethany on Saturday, 30 July, 2011 said...


Oh my! Well best wishes to you all. Hope healing goes well :-)


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