Monday, July 11, 2011

A Fin-Ish Delight

Happy Tuesday All,

A good story always makes me extremely happy. I love being taken to "another world" so to speak (whether it's actual other world, or just the author's world).

The other day I finished reading Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs. This book makes me so happy. It was a lot fun, plus there was enough romantic scenes to make a mushy romantic like me happy.

Forgive My Fins was an extremely fast read for me. I just had trouble putting it down. I started it in the afternoon and finished at 2 a.m. (there long  breaks in between when I had to do other things--like take a nap, and be with my family). Awesome book and I just can't wait until I get to read the sequel.

In Forgive My Fins, Lily (Princess Waterlily when under the sea) is half-mermaid/half-human (merman for a dad, human for a mom). For 14 years she lived in her father's kingdom, until her dad finally told her that her mother (who died when Lily was still a baby) was a human. So, Lily's made her way onto land, to live with her mother's sister, Rachel.

As heir to the throne, Lily has to choose a mate--that is, kiss a boy and that starts the bonding process. Lily has the perfect boy in mind--swimming wonder Brody Bennett. He's comfortable in the water and on land, gorgeous, and her knight-in-shining armour.

Unfortunately Lily is plagued (and thwarted in her goal) by next-door-neighbor motorcycle bad-boy, Quince Fletcher. Quince doesn't care what others think of him and thinks Lily shouldn't either. But Lily sees Quince as an annoyance, a real "blowfish".

But what happens in a dark library will change everything. Including what Lily thought she saw in those around her.

This is a fun YA Fantasy (with comedy sprinkled liberally) that I've fallen for hook, line, and sinker. I'm very excited to read the sequel and I love Tera Lynn Childs' breezy style. So get your tail fins over to your nearest bookstore and hook yourself a copy. Last one there is a guppy!

Have A Tantalizing Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Sound adorable,Bethany! MJ Davidson said that she got wind that the next wave, (no pun intended on my part), the "new vampires" would be mermaids...guess she was right.[They were going to re-issue her "Fred" series.]I'm glad someone put something cute out, especially for for the kids, (which hers cetainly are not). I woke up this morning thinking ofthe Ghost Girl books.I guess I'm ripe for a YA series!
I'll have to look this one up.Thanks.

nutspan said...

I also loved Goddess Boot Camp. It was cute too.

Bethany said...


It's awesome! Yeah, I read somewhere that another author said something about mermaids being the next big thing--but I can't quite remember where I saw that. Thanks for dropping by :-)

Bethany said...


I'm planning on reading those. Thank you for dropping by :-)