Thursday, October 29, 2009

Works In Progress

Morning All,

I've got 3 manuscripts in the works:

Surreal is in editing. It's my first finished full-length novel. You've got a parallel world (The Third Realm), shape shifters (I call them Man-beasts just to differiante from other shape shifting beings) jealousy, desire, fight scene, and love. This story is still in editing, and I'm waiting on the last pages from my free-lance editor. I've discovered other ways of fixing up this manuscript, too, by doing Todd Stone's 7 Revision Passes (starting on slide 6 of the link I provide).

Conjure A Man has witches, warlocks, vampires, patronizing relatives, and Delaney Ryan (witch) risking imprisonment by The High Counsel when she brings a human into The Lands of Fantasy. She's risking being found out...not only that, risking her heart, as well.

Heartbeats is the tentative title to the companion novel for Conjure A Man. It's not a sequel, but it has Delaney's best friend, Caruso Valetti (vampire) in it. Revenge, lost love, former best friends, and a possibility for great love for the asking.

So, what are you all working on? Anything ready to be queried? You got a particular editing method? Got anything just lurking on the edges of inspiration?

Have A Terrific Thursday!


Regina Quentin said...

It is nice to see that you have a few projects on the table. I feel like I have a million and two ideas that I want to start on but I'm trying to focus. I have:

Unnamed Mystery Novel (something that I am still editing but is for the most part finished)

Unnamed Project (romantic story that I am developing as a screenplay and novel)

A few short stories out on submission

bethanyintexas said...


Best of luck to you! And having a million and two ideas is great, especially if you have a good system for putting them together.