Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book Previews, Websites, and Building A Platform

Good Mid-Morning Folks,

Today the sun is out, it's only slightly cloudy and the sun and shining and it's around 53-55 degrees out (Hello, Fall, where have you been?) Cooler weather has come back to my neck of Texas (or rather Southwest Texas, rather than a neck...probably more like the calf or something). Anyway, it's lovely and it's freezing in my house (guess it's not cold enough for the heater, but not hot enough for the air conditioner!) Hope the weather hangs around a bit (despite my allergies).

So...let's talk platforms. No, I'm not talking politics or Miss American Pageants, I'm talking writing platforms.

Writing platforms are talked about all over the place. By agents, by other writers, by readers (even though they might not call it a platform, they might call it a website or a book signing or something). In whatever case, it's a writer's reputation, it's information regarding the writer and his or her books/screenplay/poetry/et cetera.

Currently my platform mostly consists of what I put up on my blog--which is generally a combination of what I'm writing, advice, and books I've read. I kind of like to cover the myriad that's out there. (I do plan on having a website, soon, that's still in the planning stages).

Now there are writers out there with websites already (even some unpublished ones).

Published author of mysteries, Laura Childs, has a website up (with a great Mysterious/Halloween type feel)

There's Kerrelyn Sparks who has some book previews up (little videos talking about a book that's coming out or is out to give you a "taste" of what she's written/is writing).

There's also an aspiring author (and member of NWHRWA), Jennifer Bray-Weber who has book previews on her site as well.

Author Elizabeth Pina has an inspirational coming out next month (release date is on her website). The book, Learning To Let Go looks good. (P.S. I sat next to her at the Todd Stone Workshop. She's an awesome person and really nice. She's working on a Romantic Suspense that sounds really good, too--she's also a member of the NWHRWA).

And I can't mention members of NWHRWA's websites without mentioning a follower of this blog who has a website and is a member of NWHRWA, Ciara Gold.

There's other members of the NWHRWA who have websites (Kim Lenox being one, as well). But the point is, all these authors are working to build up their platform.

So, what are you doing to build up your platform? Do you have any advice for others in doing this?

Have A Wonderful Wednesday!


Tamika: said...

Bethany, I'm like you trying to build. Blogging has been a wonderful beginning, and I look forward to linking a website next year sometime.

I am a little curious on the protocol since I'm not published, if a website is a bonus.

Thanks for asking some great questions.

bethanyintexas said...


I don't think a website is required, but everything I read says that it's a bonus for agents and publishers to be able to look you up. A blog will do (I think), but a website even better--especially if has information about you and things you've written or are writing.

Best of luck! :-)