Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sprinkle In A Little Sunday

Afternoon One and All,

Well, it's Sunday and a very pretty one at that. I love this time of year when the weather starts looking nice (and feeling nice). Love having it get cooler and busting out the sweaters, jackets and such. Feels so cozy when it's cold out and you bundle up in coats, hats and pants. I love this time of year.

Yesterday's party was a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing all who came. Some of my closest friends (and some I haven't seen in a long while) were there. It was great. 30 isn't too bad. Just odd in the sense that it feels weird to think that this is the era where I'm 30 and years from now some other time period will be another person's 30 era. Time really is a strange thing to contemplate. Especially changes in music, movies, dress, you name it.

Kind of like how the book business and the weather go through seasons, I think humans do the same. We all have our springs, summers, autumns and winters and it doesn't necessarily have to coincide with one's age. A person can have a springtime when they're 90 years old, but a winter when they're 15. All depends on what's going on and how they are doing.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful season in their life. I think it's important to let the sunshine in to let yourself find something positive to cling to.

So what's something positive in your life that anchors you? Maybe even helps you with your writing or just every day life?

Mine is faith, family and friends (the 3 F's!) What's yours?

Have A Stupendous Sunday!

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