Friday, October 16, 2009

Five Favorites

Good Morning All,

Today is Friday, so I thought for this Friday we'd have Five Favorites Friday (at least for this Friday).

So, here we go:

1. Five Favorite Movies.

Here's mine (in no particular order):

1. "A Walk To Remember"

2. "Cinderella" (Disney and the Whitney Houston/Brandy versions)

3. "The Princess Bride" (are we seeing a trend here...?)

4. "The gods Must Be Crazy" (both movies go on one line here)

5. "Bruce Almighty"

2. Five Favorite Pieces Of Clothing.

1. Capris

2. My new pair of heels (despite having to break them in)

3. My cloak or cape (I call it my cloak, but others call it my cape)

4. Scarf

5. My velvet pants (purple pair and black pair)

3. Five Favorite Phrases

1. "Snap"

2. "Howdy"

3. "Awesome"

4. "That rocks"

5. "LOL"

4. Five Favorite Cyber-Space Things (Like Facebook, Twitter, Et Cetera)

1. Blogs

2. Facebook

3. Author Websites

4. Amazon.com

5. YouTube

5. Five Favorite Books.

1. "Beastly" by Alex Flinn

2. "Between Friends" by Debbie Macomber

3. "A Tale Of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens

4. "Phantom Of The Opera" by Gaston Leroux (The English translation)

5. "Twilight Saga" by Stephenie Meyer

(this is by NO means ALL my favorite books, but since only 5, this was off the top of my head).

Now it's your turn...use the 5 lists above to list your 5 favorite Movies, Items of Clothing, Phrases, Cyber-Space Sites and Books!

Have A Fabulous Friday!


Tamika: said...

Hi Bethany! Happy Friday!

My five favorites.
1. Officer and a Gentleman
2. Grease
3. Troy
4. The Last Samurai
5. Monster-In-Law
1. (Do purses count) Louis Vuitton
2. Nine West boots
3. skinny jeans
4. Victoria Secret bra
5. costume jewelry
1. LOL
2. Blessings
3. Awesome
4. Beautiful
5. Yikes
Cyber- things:
1. Blogging
2. Blogging more
3. Blogging much more
4. Agent/Publisher blogs
5. Author websites
TOO many to name!

This was great fun!

bethanyintexas said...


Loved your answers. "Blogging, more blogging". That totally ROCKED! Thanks for posting! :-)

Marsha Sigman said...

Hey Bethany! Here are mine, don't judge me!
The Green Mile
Rob Roy
P.S. I love you
Pride and Prejudice
Practical Magic
(I left out all the action movies!)
Dress Boots
Casual Boots
Short Boots
Did I say Boots?
You serious?
That's Wicked
Bite me
Crabby Patties! (Spongebob Phase)
Cyber Stuff:
Agent Websites
Too many, how about authors?
Stephen King
Laurel K Hamilton
J.R. Ward
Stephanie Meyers
Cassandra Clare

Have a great weekend!

bethanyintexas said...


LOL you are a boot-addict LOL. I thought about getting a pair, but changed my mind. But I don't begrudge your addiction to them LOL. And it's okay if you had included action. My husband loves action films.