Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Saturday Saturday

Morning All,

I only have time for a short post today because I have to finish breakfast and get in the shower and get dressed. Today is my birthday party (Oct. 15th was my actual birthday, as many of you already know!)

My husband, myself and my son all have to go pick up 3 party trays and the cake, then get over to my parents' house (they're letting us have it there) and set up and decorate before the party starts. So I have a lot to do.

Yesterday I got some writing done on Conjure A Man so that's good.

What's your plans for today?

Have A Splendiferious (Sarah J.'s word that I happen to like) Saturday!

**(Kudos go to Sarah J. today for the great word!)


Regina Milton said...

Plans: my husband and I are having a birthday dinner tonight. I don't feel older, just more inspired to accomplish things before my next birthday.

Have an awesome party!

Bane of Anubis said...

Shouldn't you be getting a massage while your husband and son are picking up the trays and cake? :)

Regina, you a birthday girl, too? Happy Birthday!

bethanyintexas said...


Happy birthday to you! The party was a lot of fun :-)

bethanyintexas said...


I could so use a massage LOL. Maybe husband will give me one (he gives good massages). But no, I had to help set up and decorate and pick up things, so there was no way I could just go get a massage. But it was worth it. It was a lot of fun! :-)