Saturday, October 31, 2009

'Tis The Season For Paranormal

Morning Folks,

Halloween Day seems like the perfect time to announce that I have a book preview video (not great quality, but I'm hoping to either figure out how to fix the problems or have my younger brother who knows about a lot of media stuff might be able to help when he's in town for Christmas).

You see, I don't have a Youtube account (I might end up getting one; but I'm not sure, yet) so I think maybe I'll wait until I have a website to put it up. But once I'm able to work out the kinks I think it's pretty good. The preview is for Surreal.

Other than that I'm working more on Conjure A Man. I worked on Chapter 2 yesterday, but I'm not sure if it's just right or if I went overboard a different direction. I'll have to review it and if necessary, I'll make changes. But I do like Delaney's character better for this, now. I just didn't like having her appear so weak because I know that in all her life she was pretty strong.

I haven't worked on Heartbeats in awhile, but maybe it'll help me figure out Delaney's character even further. I like the idea and story line I have for Conjure A Man, it's just the execution of it is proving more difficult than originally anticipated. But, oh well, some stories are easier to write than others. Just got to keep letting creativity flow and try not to let it bother me that this is a bit more frustrating than writing Surreal.

Speaking of paranormal and spooktacular stories, I've been reading Kim Lenox's So Still The Night. Pretty spooky stuff going on currently. This book is the sequel to Night Falls Darkly; she has another one coming out next year, Darker Than Night it says it supposed to come out April 2010. If you're interested in immortals, good versus evil and romance, these books are definitely worth checking out. So far I think Night Falls Darkly is my favorite (it was pretty creepy having Jack the Ripper involved, but I think So Still The Night is even creepier--I think a friend of mine would really like these, she likes spooky stuff).

In any case, whatever your plans are for today, I wish you well!

Question for the day: What are you currently reading? (something other than your own manuscripts).

Have A Spec-Spook-Tacular Saturday!

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