Friday, December 10, 2010

Sore Throats And Stories

Happy Friday All,

It's that time of year...time for Holidays, Christmas cheer, shopping, lights...

And sore throats.

Yep, those heaters will dry out every part of you inside and out and I'm no exception. This week I've fought restless nights, sore throats, and feeling dry all over. The good news is I'm getting better and I LOVE colder weather. The bad news is? The weather is a little warmer today and will probably change again, which means my poor system will freak out in the following style: "What's going on? What do we do?!" And I could get another cold or something like that. Thank goodness I got my flu shot--that usually keeps the cold/flu feelings to a minimum.

I've been working on some other story ideas that were developing while working on some edits, but now, the edits are done pretty much--working on the next step on that manuscript and I'm able to work on the other stories bouncing around in my head.

And, I'm noticing it's 15 Days until Christmas. The only thing I'm concerned about on about that is getting out some of the Christmas cards I have left, sending off a package, and finishing up putting together presents for 2 people.

So, what's going on with you for this Season?

I wish you Happy writing and a fabulous weekend!

Have A Fantastic Friday!


Melissa said...

Only 15 Days left! Darn, I thought I had more time. LOL Running around trying to finish up the shopping so I can sit back and enjoy the season. Hope you feel better soon!

Bethany said...


Thanks! I'm doing better...still not 100 percent, but better than I was earlier this week and Thursday. Best wishes on getting all your shopping done! Happy writing :-)