Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy Friday All,

My counter in the margins says it's 12 hours and less than 30 minutes until the new year. Wow, hard to believe 2011 is already just hours away.

It seems like once I hit adulthood time started going faster, when in reality it was the same amount of time, just felt differently.

I can remember approaching the 2000 finding it totally mind blowing that we were entering the 21st century. Now I'm sitting her going "I never even contemplated 2011." (Anyone else feel this way?)

I hope all of you have a blessed, safe, and wonderful New Year's.

Every year has brought different good  (and sometimes not-so-good) things. Here's to finding out what 2011 brings (hopefully more good than bad).

What's your plans for the new year?

Happy New Year one and all :-)

Have A Fantastic Friday!

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