Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Right Around The Corner

Happy Monday All,

Just 5 more days until Christmas. Can you believe it? If you're in denial about how close it is, I'd recommend not looking at the countdown in the margin of this blog. LOL

This time of year, with New Year's the week after Christmas, it's been a "look back on the year" season for a lot of things--everything from the Internet to television.

 For me, the previous year had it's bright spots, but it also had its rough spots.

 Two of my uncles died, as well as two friends. One of the friends that died was someone I graduated high school with and I'm still in shock about it. It's hard to imagine such a thing happening.

 On the bright side, I managed to finish editing (and start the query process on) a manuscript. As well as go into a pitch session for the first time, which is even more further along than I was a year ago. I like the idea of progressing forward--learning and growing and improving.

 There was also a birth of a new nephew, and a wedding and seeing family. Many wonderful things to be happy about.

So, what about you? What memories of 2010 come back to you amid the bustle of the season?

Have A Merry Monday!


Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Hi, Bethany! The highlights of my year were my daughter's wedding in May and a nephew's in June. I also went to a dude ranch, which was great fun! And to RWA national in Orlando....my first trip to DisneyWorld. Luckily for my family, didn't have any real tragdies this year.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2011!

Bethany said...


Sounds great! Hope you have a blessed Christmas! See you in the New Year :-)