Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Final Countdown...

Happy Wednesday All,

It's 3 days until Christmas! What are you doing to get ready for the big day?

Most of my Christmas things are done. (As I talked about in my special Holiday Wishes post entitled The Week Before Christmas).

Here's some Christmassy posts I've found among my fellow blogger/writer friends:

Anna Kathryn Lanier had a Christmas story come out on December 8th called A Gift Beyond All Measure and she's posted candy recipes on her blog.  She also had author, Robin Badillo post about it being "The Season Of Romance".

Fellow blogger and friend, Marsha, over at Marsha's Musings, posted a fun post about Christmas Movies.

What am I doing? Spending time with my family, working on a couple of stories I have going, and looking forward to all the wonderful fun and blessings of Christmas.

So, tell me what's up on your end?

Blessed Christmas to you and enjoy your 3 days before Christmas

Have A Whimsical Wednesday!

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