Friday, December 17, 2010

Cross Your Fingers,Toes & Pray (Or, Time For Distractions...)

Happy Friday All,

While y'all are celebrating the end of another week, you can join me in celebrating me putting out a query letter for the first time. Thursday afternoon was when it happened, and I'll keep you updated on what's next. (In the meantime, please cross your fingers, toes, hair, whatever and if you're a prayer type person, send some up for me, please as I go through this process).

There's mixed feelings involved here. For instance:

On one hand I was nervous after pushing that "send" button, on the other hand, a sense of relief fell over me that my manuscript was finally ready and I had everything prepared.

Once the initial nerves are gone there's the whole "Okay, onto the other manuscripts." and "What other responsibilities do I have?"

Yesterday (late, around 8:30 or so p.m.) I made fudge. I had planned to, but the fact that I had gotten done what I had planned to in terms of getting that query out made me feel like I had more "room" in my head to do that.

Also, I started thinking about other manuscripts I have waiting on the sidelines. One that's outlined and just needs to move forward and another that's gotten started and needs to be completed. Plus I have one that I really like the idea, but I haven't gotten it to work, yet...so that's been hanging on the fringes of my mind, as well.

The main thing is (which others have also said) don't sit around thinking about the query you sent. Keep working on your other projects and things you have going on. Also, work in time for your family and friends. Read, read, read. We authors are supposed to keep up with the industry, right?

The good thing about this time of year is that there are things to keep one's mind off of one's sent query. Things like food, decorations, music, family, friends, books and other projects.

We authors are writers, but we're also people with lives outside of our writing.

So, what do you do while waiting for a reply on a query?

Have A Fantastical Friday!


Ciara Gold said...

I continue to write!

Hey Bethany, how exciting that you finally submitted your work. Here's hoping Santa brings you good news, but it may take a while. Most answers to queries don't come in a timely manner.

Bethany said...


Thanks so much! I am still writing...have a couple of other projects I'm working on--we'll see what kind of a journey they take me on :-)