Monday, December 6, 2010

Eggs, Headless Horsewoman, And Mystery

Happy Monday All,

Laura Childs is one busy author. With 3 mystery series out, she keeps herself well immersed in a myriad of characters.

Her newest series, Cackleberry Club Mystery, is joining the ranks of her other two.

So...in light of all this, I have a questiong: What do eggs, pumpkins, and murder have in common?

Give up?

They're all happening around Suzanne Dietz, one of the owners of The Cackleberry Club--a diner, named for it's main dish: eggs.

In the small Midwestern town of Kindred, Suzanne and her friends, Petra and Toni are serving up eggs (in every way imaginable), desserts, coffee and a side dish of mystery.

Only this time the mystery is in their backyard. Literally.

Mayor hopeful, Chuck Peebler, finds his campaign trail sadly curtailed the moment an arrow shoots him right through the forehead--in front of a frightened Suzanne.

The sheriff suspects Jane Buckley, Petra's friend, and it makes sense. After all, Peebler accused Jane of stealing his dearly departed relative's antiques, which Jane hotly denies doing and it all took place inside the diner for everyone to see.

Desperate, Jane and Petra beg Suzanne to help solve the case and clear Jane's name. Reluctantly, Suzanne agrees...and finds herself immersed in far more than the plans for the Cackleberry Club's Halloween party.

Another dead body--this time the nice, young deputy--a case of illegal dog fighting, and a wounded stray canine lead Suzanne on a merry chase to find the murderer and figure out just what "Tortuga" meant to Peebler.

Can Suzanne figure it all out before she becomes the next victim?

On December 7th (tomorrow) be sure to pick up your copy of Bedeviled Eggs so you can enjoy a dose of diner food, spootacular fun, and mystery.

Have A Mysteriously Marvelous Monday!

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