Monday, April 26, 2010

Writers' Addictions

Happy Monday Folks,

Okay...this whole conversation I had with a friend of mine about coffee and types of coffee got me thinking about coffee and other things we writers rely on to keep us going.

Chocolate's one of my addictions (and yes, I thank Godiva Chocolatiers for coming up with the Cappuccino Truffle).

Some writers prefer tea, but a good chunk of the writers I know love their coffee.

I don't drink a lot of coffee, but I do rely on my morning coffee to put that extra "spring in my step" so to speak.

What about other addictions? Like bookstores or office supplies?

Can a writer go into a bookstore or an office supply store and not find at least one thing they want/need?

I can see it in my head: "Oh look there's coffee scented pens, I must have some!"

I tell people all the time that bookstores are one of my toy stores. When I was younger I could spend hours just staring at titles and looking through the various selections (I still can, by the way).

There's this huge bookstore in my hometown that's a converted movie theater. I remember every time I've walked into that bookstore I just took a deep breath and any stress, any thing on my mind just melted away. I was in my own personal version of heaven. (I haven't been there in awhile, but I can guarentee that the next time I go, I'll walk in and memories will flood me and I'll have to go on my little exploration trips again).

So perhaps, like bookstores (and office supply stores), that's what coffee also is for us writers. We take in that first breath...the aroma, the comforting scent that tells us that soon we will have the caffeine we need to charge through those edits and come up with ninety different ideas (okay maybe 90 is an exaggeration, but stay with me). Who knows? Could end up being because of that cup of coffee.

Anyway...what are some of your addictions? What helps you "feed" your writing self?

Have A Marvelous Monday!


Ryan Vukmanovic said...

My addictions when writing would be late night Chinese or PB and J. Or better yet, a cup of extra strong coffee for late night inspiration.

Bethany said...


Hopefully you don't put the Chinese food and PB&J TOGETHER.

I can't have caffeine late at night, I stay up too late as it is LOL. :-)