Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Awww, Why'd It Have To End?

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Normally I reserve Thursdays for updates and news, but I thought of something I'd like to talk about, so that's taking over this time...


Sometimes they leave you with a warm feeling in your heart and you think, "That was a good story, great way to end, love it."

Other times they're sad, and you find yourself reaching for the tissue box.

And, once in awhile, you think, "What? No, it can't be over, not yet!"

Depending on the story, how you feel about it, and how well the writer draws you in, stories can elicit all kinds of responses.

I've read Lurlene MacDaniel's book, Don't Die My Love about 3 or more times. Every time I know what happens and every time I think it's sad. However, it's still a good story.

Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice is one most novelists (and most people) are familiar with. The majority of us know how the story goes and what happens, but still, sometimes, you go back wanting to relive all those moments all over again.

What makes a story do that to people?

A lot of times it's about having characters readers can relate to, or find intriguing. Especially ones that elicit an emotional response.

When you read The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare, you know that Shylock is the bad guy. You know he's going to ask for his "pound of flesh" and how grotesque that sounds. But you also remember his impassioned cry of, "..if you prick us do we not bleed..." and so forth appealing to our humanity.

The plot--storyline--itself needs to have appeal. Every little emotion, every form of tension or climax ranging from murder to romance has the ability to grab hold of a reader's attention, and if done right, keep it.

It's like a cliffhanger on a popular TV series. If you do the story right, tell the story just so, people are going to ask, "What happens now?"

If you mix everything together: characters, emotion, plot lines, motivations, and, of course, inspiration, you can come up with that story which people remember, read over and over and say, "Why did it have to end? I want more!"

Have A Thrilling Thursday!

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