Friday, April 30, 2010

Can't Catch Me!

Happy Friday All,

I'm trying to catch up with some things, including editing and reading. (making progress on editing, but it does take time. I've got a couple of books on my list yet to read).

I'm trying not to neglect the blog, and so far I haven't been too neglectful of it, so that's good.

Got some cool plans for the blog coming up:

Christie Craig's interview is set to be posted in June. You can check out Christie's blog here. And no I'm not telling anything about that just yet! You'll have to wait.

I've got another author's interview in the works. I won't go into details of who or when, since I don't have the when figured out, just the who. So, for right now those details are a surprise.

So all those things are coming up.

Next on the list to read: Darker Than Night by Kim Lenox (Number 3 in Shadow Guards Series). Check out Kim's blog here.

Kim Lenox autographed my copy of Night Falls Darkly, which is the first book in that series (this happened last year in September). Very cool :-)

The series is good...has suspense, romance, paranormal, historical setting. Very imaginative books.

Hope you enjoy your weekend :-)

Have A Fabulous Friday!

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