Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's In A Name?

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Titles are important. They tell us what or who something or someone is. In the writing and publishing world they serve another purpose...they're one of the first things a potential reader sees. It's possible that a reader will pick up, look at a book and even read and/or purchase it simply because the title was so intriguing.

How do I know? Because this has happened to me.

Example: Author Christie Craig (and someone I'm pleased to know--she's such a fun person, by the way) has some really clever titles (I don't know if she has any input in the titles, 'cause sometimes in publishing they get changed) but whomever is doing the title work, they are geniuses (Christie, if you get to keep your titles, then you're a double genius 'cause I already think of you as a genius).

Christie has titles like: Gotcha! and Divorced, Deceived & Delicious I mean, seriously...someone is on a roll. Her book coming out in May is another example of Title Genius at work: Shut Up And Kiss Me.

Now come on, that's intriguing...especially if you read or write romances (which, obviously I do LOL).

Another example: In general I'm wondering if Confessions Of A title is what everyone is doing, 'cause you see it a lot. However, you don't usually see this: Confessions Of A Werewolf Supermodel (book by Ronda Thompson).

Now before Tuesday afternoon, I didn't know about this book or Ronda Thompson, but I'll tell you what, that last part of that title, the whole: Werewolf Supermodel got my attention.

I picked up the book. I checked the synopsis. I said, "Okay, I'm gonna have a look at this." I'm gonna be reading this book simply because the title was the first thing that got my attention.

Sometimes an author's title isn't the one she or he started out with, but sometimes it is. Regardless, titles are important. They might be the very reason our stories get picked up and read. You just never know.

What are some clever titles you've come across?

Have A Write Wednesday!

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