Friday, February 19, 2010

The Writer's Survival Kit

Happy Friday One And All,

Today's post is dedicated to the awesome folks in the NWHRWA. They're great people, lots of fun and really talented writers (I've read several of the members work including: Christie Craig, Kim Lenox, Ciara Gold, and Cheri Jetton).

Please note: Today's post is to be FUN. We're all working hard on writing, editing, querying, furthering our careers and everything in our lives, we need a chance to cut loose every now and again. This is also an opportunity for you to put in your own ideas of what works for a survival kit.

Anyway...read on...

First of all...for a lot of people you need chocolate. One of the things about chocolate is that there's actually some kind of study that says chocolate is good for you (in moderation) especially dark chocolate. One such article talks about dark chocolate lowering the possibility of cardiovascular problems in men. Although, the article warns that white chocolate doesn't contain the things that is supposed to help health that dark chocolate does, and milk chocolate not very much...so dark chocolate. But regardless of what your chocolate taste is, there's also the emotional response...generally in the positive. There's articles about studies regarding the effects of chocolate on people. So, we'll put chocolate into the survival kit.

Next, tissues...for those days where it seems like things are going wrong. Crying induces a chemical change (something I've experienced) and sometimes we just need a good cry.

Third...happy thoughts, music, posters. Anything encouraging to hang on walls, remember or listen to. Positive thoughts mean positive feelings, which can give you that "I can do this!" attitude.

So, that's the start....what would you add and why?

Have A Fabulous Friday!


Ciara Gold said...

I would add a heavy dose of patience. The wheels turn very slowly in the publishing world. Awesome post, Bethany.

Bethany said...

Thanks Ciara! Good to see you on here, again :-)

Marsha Sigman said...

Coffee...coffee...coffee. What would a writer's survival kit be without caffiene? If I could hook it up with an IV, I would live on it.lol

Bethany said...


Coffee is a good idea :-)

Ciara--Thought I said it, but it looks like I didn't...patience is a very good suggestion. :-)